I finally bought a Vernis Houston..


Apr 23, 2006
in Frambois from Let-trade!!!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: It's my first purchase from the infamous Let-trade too. He has great customer service by the way :smile: I finally made the decision to buy it despite of my bf saying that the vernis look like "cheap plastic" & the frambois color in the houston makes the bag look like Barbie's bag. LOL :P (One of my friend also said, "You need another bag?!?!" She makes me feel guilty too ;) ) It took me a few days to decide, but I finally hit the "buy it now" button. I will post pictures when it arrive! Can't wait! Ladies, thanks for helping me make this decision too. :heart: Here is the link >>> http://www.let-trade.com/w/LV-W72.HTM