I finally bought a digital camera.....

  1. No more taking pics with my camera phone! So I thought the very 1st picture for me to take would be of my LV collection:yahoo:
  2. nice collections!
  3. Looks like someone needs a wapity! :devil:
  4. very impressive..........but there are 11 boxes and only 10 items showing..........where is the missing piece??
  5. Congrats on you camera and your collection is gorgeous!
  6. Nice pieces-you've got some of my favorites!!
  7. Oh everything is soo pretty! Congrats!
  8. LoL, good eye :supacool:
    Nice collection, LakersGyrl2003!
  9. I have 11 boxes, and 11 items... There was one of the smaller boxes on the left but it didn't come out, and there's a tiny box where the agenda refills come in. So there's only 10 boxes showing with one that didn't come out, and 11 items including the one where the agenda refills are. Hope that makes sense:yes:
  10. Looks so luxurious with all the monogram! What is that little tiny thing with the snap?
  11. [​IMG]

    I was counting the 10 in the back and then the tiny one in the front. So I thought you were holding out on us!! hehe. :smile: again very nice collection!!
  12. congrats on the dc and a very impressive mono collection!!
  13. Thank you everyone! And spacytracy, believe me, I wouldn't hold out! :yes:
  14. They all looks gorgoeus!