I finally bought a digital cam....

  1. I'm glad I did. The 1st picture I took was of my LV collection, so now here's the 2nd pic, my coach collection!:yahoo:
  2. Oh really pretty! Nice collection!
  3. Your shoes are nice. I like your collection.
  4. I love it!!
  5. I love all the signature and the cute shoes! Thanks for sharing.
  6. You have the wallet, messenger bag, and duffle I want! So jealous! Looooove your collection!
  7. Love it!!

    I have that same cosmetic case, soo cute! ;)
  8. love it...especially the luggage & espadrilles!
  9. GREAT collection! :yes:
  10. Woah! Very nice! I love the large duffle.
  11. I love the duffle and the messanger.
  12. NICE!
    AND, are you a b-ball fan? I AM!:yes:
  13. I LOVE your luggage!! Great collection!
  14. YES! I'm a HUGE NBA fan!:yahoo:
  15. very sweet my friend !