I filed my first PayPal claim against a seller....

  1. 10 days had gone by after I won my item on eBay and I received nothing, so I contacted the seller and he gave me UPS tracking which said it was delivered several days before...

    and get this...

    UPS tracking says the UPS idiot left it by my trash can at the back of the house. The trash cans for each townhome are next to each other when you enter a big shared driveway we all use to get into our garages (hard to explain, but anyone can get to the trash cans) Trash that was picked up the morning after the supposed delivery! I had no notice on my door and thats the first time I have ever heard of that happening.

    They usually always leave my stuff on my door step unless it has to be signed for. I have never had a problem before in over 7 years of buying on eBay!

    I filed a claim after I spoke to another idiot at UPS, who said they can leave packages anywhere it will be safe. SAFE BY THE TRASH CANS?

    I asked to be refunded and the seller can fight with UPS for his money back. Insurance was to be included with the shipping I paid.

    The seller has been very nice and very communicative, but that doesnt help me get my item (which I would rather have instead of a refund).

    So I guess I have to wait and see what PayPal decides. I escalated it to a claim right away.

    Who leaves packages by a trash can that anyone can see? yikes. Just when I thought I have heard it all....


  2. OMG I how stupid was the UPS guy, um can you call them and talk to the manager. I mean it wasnt the Sellers fault so I dont know how thats gonna go. Thats why i stopped sending payments by mail because stupid USPS and UPS people dont do their easy job.
  3. So sorry this happened to you Donna, how incompetent!
  4. No it wasnt the seller fault, but he chose the carrier and should have requested it be signed, like I asked him to. I also told him I would pay extra if he added signature confirmation. (I have a copy of my email also). He said he would take care of it, no extra charge.

    I will do a chargeback on my amex card if paypal sides with him, but the item was well over $300 and he doesnt have signature confirmation. So who knows. All I really want is the item I bought. It took me 7 months to find it....:cursing:
  5. Sorry to hear that, maybe I should make my own topic to ask about my own question.
  6. You should win this. Getting item delivered to you securely is the responsibility of the seller. I read a lot of auctions that say seller isn't responsible for item once shipped but legally...they are.
  7. Are you sure the seller didn't request and pay for a signature upon delivery? I just got a box that was required one, but they left it on the front porch.
  8. Hi, D.

    I've heard so many horror stories about UPS, unfortunately. USPS is so much better, cheaper, and more convenient. I hope you get your item. If you offered to pay for signature confirmation, then that shows you wanted it, and if the seller knew this, then it's his duty to get it.
  9. I think you absolutely have a right to file a claim. It may not be the seller's fault - although if he didn't request signature confirmation after you asked for it, it is partly his fault - but it is his responsibility.He is the one who will have to file with UPS. And if the insurance pays out, it will pay him. It's always the shipper's responsibility to handle all of that stuff.I've been on both ends of that scenario and that's just how that plays out. I'm always amazed by sellers who leave the insurance option up to the buyer - are you kidding? You insure items to protect yourself from loss because you will be held responsible if it goes missing.
  10. I never use anything but USPS because both FedEx and UPS have been known to leave things at people's front doors even when the seller has requested "signature required".
  11. This really has made me re-think using UPS for my auctions in the future--even though I always insure and request delivery signature. hope things are resolved quickly for you.
  12. This is why I have been asking for signature confirmation on ALL packages. I just do not trust the post office. In fact, UPS let me a package saying it had been signed by RALDER. Bullsh*t!! Lucky for them it was not stolen off my porch.
  13. I will be interested to see how this one turns out, too. I just went through a similar situation with USPS. But due to the fact that my item never showed up, it was the seller's responsibility to refund my money. It was her and her only who could file for the insurance monies. If it had showed up and dissappeared or I didn't get it because of a snafu like this "trash can incident" I wonder who is responsible to file for insurance.
    Technically, if it shows delivered, the seller is off the hook and it's the buyer's job to get the carrier to issue insurance funds.
    But either way, at least it was insured so you'll have your money back at some point.

    Keep us updated!!
  14. It's amazing to me how careless mail carriers like UPS and Fed Ex can be. I know that they disregard delivery instructions constantly, but in order to meet their profits goals I'm sure their drivers are paid just a pittance so their skill sets are minimal.
  15. Unfortunately, Donna, your seller might win. Her DC shows it was delivered. Now if it was over $250 and she didn't send it with SIGNATURE confirmation, then you might win.