I figured it out...I'm a Kelly girl!

  1. Thanks to the great suggestions I got here, today I visited my local H store during my lunch break. I told the SA I was trying to figure out whether I'm a Birkin girl or a Kelly girl, and she kindly and patiently showed me lots of different options.

    The only Birkin they had was enormous (40 cm?), and it was nice, but not *wow* nice (no offense to Birkin lovers). I also checked out the Bolide in 2 different sizes, and while it would be a very practical bag for me, it doesn't make me say "oooohhhh." I even tried on an Evelyne, but was disappointed the strap isn't long enough to wear messenger-style.

    Kelly though...oh my gosh. :heart: :heart: :heart:Kelly. They had a 32 cm in blue that I just couldn't put down. I kept wanting to put my stuff in and carry her away. I tried her on in the mirror multiple times...if I may say so, she looked great on me! I can't think of any occasion I couldn't wear a Kelly for. She's classy and elegant but understated, not showy. I think she was just the right size too; I know I wouldn't want to go smaller.

    And then there's the leather. It was a great help going to the store for this too - I couldn't get an idea of which one I like best otherwise. I thought I'd love Clemence but I don't...Chevre was just OK...it was Togo that I couldn't stop touching. It's amazing the way it's soft but sturdy and sort of spongy at the same time.

    I do see why people pay big bucks for these bags - up close and in person, they are truly beautiful. And they smell good (it was hard not to stick my nose in the bag in front of the SA).:graucho:

    Sooo...I'll still have to save my pennies for a while, but at least I know what I want now. 32cm Togo Kelly, Palladium HW...come to mama!:p
  2. That is fantastic! I hope you get your 32cm Kelly one day soon!
  3. ooooh thats so nice ,even earlier i thought i was a birkin girl ,and once i got my kelly i was hooked ,saving pennies for a togo in 28 or 32 myself .all the best!!!
  4. soooo fun, isn't it? i just tried on my first kelly too.....sigh! they're VERY hard to give back.
  5. Congratulations Hippychic.
  6. I love a woman who can make up her mind!
  7. Hippiechic, it sounds like you had a most wonderful day in the boutique. That's so great that you've already been able to decide which of all the available choices truly makes your heart sing! Is there a particular color for your first 32 Kelly in togo with PH that you'll be dreaming about? The beautiful blue (was it brighton blue? blue jean?) of the one that you "played with", pehaps?
  8. Wow...you are not kidding about that!:sweatdrop: But it is a lot of fun.
  9. Great choice, a 32cm Togo Kelly. Was it sellier (rigid, with outside stitching) or retournee (soft, with inside stitching)?
  10. :yahoo: That's what I'm longing for too! :yahoo: Congrats on figuring out you're a Kelly girl!!!!:heart:
  11. You're right, of course - the next question is color. The Kelly I tried on was Bleu Jean, which was almost identical in color to the Cole Haan bag I wore in there. It was pretty, but wouldn't be my first choice.

    I adore Kelly in red, and I love anything pink, but I'm openminded about color. H has so many lovely colors that it would be kind of a shame to get brown or black. Otherwise, I can't think of a color I wouldn't love her in. :yes:

    Also, I wouldn't rule out a 35 cm, but they didn't have one of those I could try. It doesn't seem like there would be a huge difference in size visually...can anyone attest to that?
  12. It sounds like you had a lot of fun. I, too, prefer the Kelly over the Birkin. I hope you're able to get yours real soon!
  13. Hippiechic, that is so nice that you were able to try the bags on in person. YAY for another Kelly girl!!!:love::yahoo:
  14. It feels so good to figure it out. And you just KNOW, don't you? I am a Birkin girl and felt the way you do (except flip flopped!!)
  15. Oh, good point! It was retourne (the SA called it souple), which is perfect for me because I'm a casual kind of girl. Unless the leather was very soft, I think sellier would be too formal for me. I just love the way the leather folded in soft ripples near the top of the bag...*swoon*

    Thanks to you all, I'm getting better at classifying what I want:

    32 cm souple Togo Kelly, PH, any color but black or brown...come to mama! :graucho: