I Felt stupid talking to 1866 Rep

  1. Today I called the 1866 number because I wanted to ask about if they had clear pages for the credit card holder. So after I talked to the lady, I asked her about the Mirroir Lockit. She started laughing, and told me where I had heard such stupidity, I told her that someone very close to me told me. I didn''t want to say the forum, so I just lied. She then said that there is no way that LV will make that., And that most likely I was dreaming, or that the other was a liar! So now I am sad, because I didn't know how to respond, you know. I would have appreciate it if she was nicer, but no, she made me feel like a stupid a** , who doesn't know anything! I really want to a Mirroir Lockit! What have you guys heard!?
  2. Whaaa??? That's so rude! I mean, even if SHE never heard anything about it, that's no way to treat a customer! I'm so sorry this happened to you! *hugs* and hope you feel better about it soon!
  3. The 866 system isn't known for being very up on the times. Or very courteous, actually.
    Mirior Lockits are still scheduled for July and that's all the info for now. I wish we had more but there will probably be more closer to the actual launch date.
  4. I have not spoken to any 866 reps yet because I'm scared of getting the exact response that you got! How rude can they get, seriously?!

    I've spoken to three LV SA's about it, and so far one is super skeptical, one is pretty neutral and the other gave in and said she'll listen to me just in case...:nuts:
  5. I can't believe she worded things that way! You should have gotten her name, and if the Lockits come out, called her back to gloat, lol.
  6. Exactly I remeber what you, John, and Michelle said! I told her people who are very knowledgeable got the info! See, man they need more training! Did they already start a waitinglist or not yet?

    I feel better, but still, they should be more corteous!
  7. Lol. Yeah. Sometimes I wonder if they're trained NOT to say much? But I have no idea.
    As for the waiting list, I know some people like Karman have their names down on a "just in case" list. I'm not on it yet because I'm still kind of iffy on whether I want one or not. I have my other Miroirs so I'm kinda "eh" on getting another one..if I do get one, it'd probably be gold.
  8. lol! You are lucky, because you already have mirroirs! I want, well NEED Mirroir bag! lol! I guess I need to start dropping by my LV from now on! See if the Mirroir comes out in July taht would be perfect, because that's my birthday! lol!
  9. I don't know what is wrong with 866 these days, but she should not have treated you so rudely.
  10. Ooh..that'd be a great bday present!!:graucho:
  11. Yes I know! lol! That's what I told my mom! She said if it comes out she'll buy it for me! lol! But I told her to put half, and I'll put the other half! Dropping by LV on Monday! lol!
  12. tell them you have friend in Paris who mentioned it to you they may take it more seriuosly if it comes from the "home" of Vuitton
  13. Where do they hire these people from? Rudes r us?
  14. :yes: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  15. Don't worry Impsola, even LV SAs try to make you sound stupid. Like one time I asked the SA about the Bubbles line and she basically said that there was no such thing and that what I saw on tPF was probably fake :weird: