I felt so insulted and pissed.

  1. :cursing::cursing::cursing:

    Well, I'm selling a brand new Louis Vuitton wallet ( retail SGD950 ) on eBay and I got this question from a fellow Singaporean...

    "I am a Singaporean too living in the east side. Do you accept the offer of 100 SGD inclusive of shipping, if you do not wish to meet up. But if you could meet up, you could save the listing fee and I could also save the shipping cost. "

    Is the person for real? I'm hopping mad at the moment. SGD100 cant even get me a normal cles in Vuitton boutique.. or rather, it cant get me ANYTHING from Louis Vuitton. And she's trying to offer me that amount and said I can save on listing if I accept her offer??!?! OMG OMG!. . .

    I cant get over this... anger.:cursing:
  2. Wow, that's crazy!!!
  3. aww that's abit annoying!! :smash:
  4. :wtf::roflmfao:<-- sorry, I'm laughing at that idiot. Good luck with your selling though.:yes:
  5. Hahah. I'm a Singaporean and I feel embarrassed for that person! Good luck in selling, SGD$100 is such a ridiculous price.
  6. I cant get myself to laugh at that person.. I just felt so angry...

    I showed my husband that and he replied the question for me... I'm just too angry to answer. Does the buyer think that my wallet is a fake?!!! .. Grrrrrr... *anger*
  7. She must think its fake to offer that!! OMG, anyway, what she is diong is illegal according to eBay rules. You should report her to eBay for trying to conduct a sale outside ebay! What a cheek!
  8. That's worse if she thinks that I'm selling a fake. . . . . .

    *stuffing all my donuts in my mouth in anger*
  9. So sorry this awful incident happened to you :heart:
  10. Oh my god. :tdown:
    Hopefully u r okay soon.
  11. that is one crazy lady. =)
  12. Either thinks its a fake...or just dont know LV very much....educate her maybe?
  13. UGH...people on ebay...sometimes ya just wanna hit them!
  14. LOL Twiggers!!!
    How annoying!
  15. Oh no i hope every thing turns out ok..