i felt like it was the parade of bags at my thanksgiving dinner

  1. so dinner went well and all was nice and although i am a vegetarian i felt very much at peace on a day such as this when meat is such the focus... so when people started to come over to my mom; house for dinner first came came coach demi / signataure coach hamptons tote / gucci hobo mono speedy and there i was like just standing there like talking with every one and i was dressed very causaly but looking out in the sitting room with all the bags set on the in tables and floor i could not help but feel like um maybe i missed the memo and should of brought out my bag so i graciously excused myself and said i needed to run to the store right quick and brought out my luv of the moment dooney hands bucket .. so i wanted to know if any others on the forum feel as though around the holiday season ( when the family gathers ) they feel as though they have become trapped in what i like to call the parade or showcase of bags... i just could nto resit postign this b/c i thought it was very funny how at any any gathering i feel liek thsi "parade" occurs
  2. I am the only one in my family who cares about bags. They all expect ME to parade my bags, LOL! I never tell them what I pay for these things, they just wouldn't understand.
  3. My aunt was all over my tokidoki today. My mom opted to leave the RM matinee she stole from me in the car...:cursing::confused1::cursing:
  4. I am the only one who cares about bags at my Thanksgiving. One SIL has carried the same Fox Racing bag for 3 years, and the other SIL carries a Mickey Mouse bag she got at Disneyland. MIL carries a cute brown leather bag she got from Ross for 30 bucks, and they all think I am stupid for spending some much on so many bags.

    My own mother has some cute bags, but she berates me for having more than just 1 or 2. She calls it "out of control"haha.
  5. Although my mother and sister are nuts about bags, neither reach quite the level of insanity as me. Everyone brings over nice bags, but nothing like a parade!
  6. My DS, DH, BIL and BIL's friend don't care about bags. I was the only female at the Thanksgiving dinner (well- except Macy our Cocker Spaniel- she was just eyeballing the turkey!) :upsidedown:
  7. I agree..I think I'm the only one who cares about having a nice bag...although my cousin had a cute Coach Legacy leather wristlet and my soon to be SIL has a nice Michael Kors bag. I think that's about it..the older women could care less...oh well.
  8. The exact opposite happens to me when my husband's side of the family gets together - none of them really care about fashion or bags, so while I don't alter or "downgrade" the bag I carry when I see them, I pretty much hide it as soon as I get there because I don't want them to say stuff like, "OMG! Is that REAL? How much did you pay for it?!"
  9. My step-mom carries a Coach bag she found at the outlet, she complemented my bag but all the other women were a bit "country" (for lack of a better word...Harley-Davidson sweatshirts are their idea of fashion) so I doubt they noticed the beauty of my Rebecca Minkoff leather Morning After Mini...
  10. My cousin and i are the only ones who care about bags, so it was just me and her.

    You should have taken a picture though. I would have loved to see all the bags.
  11. the opposite thing happened to me. I was at a pre-thanksgiving dinner at my friend's place, and there was a line of bags... ranging from LV to Chanel to Burberry to Coach, etc... :yes:
  12. Most of my aunts and cousins like designer bags, but none of them really like to flaunt anything (except jewelry!), so they all just discretely left their bags in the coat closet before dinner. If you somehow snuck in there, though, you could've ogled a wide range of designers!
  13. gosh no, its just me in my family, the women in my family could careless about bags!! although i did just give my sis in law a slew of nice bags so maybe i can convert her!!
  14. the ladies in my family care about bags, but i have the largest collection by far. whenever i walk through the door they all go gaga over my bags...the parade begins and ends with me :smile:
  15. No, this has not happened to me. What fun.