I felt like a Coach stalker...

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  1. It amazes me the crazy Coach things I have done.

    Today, ooooppppsss, I did it again.

    I was at the new year fair in Little Saigon. There were too many Coach and LV, less of other brands.

    I decided to secretly took pictures of the Coach I spotted, both genuine and fake. Gosh... I was acting like a spy and stalker, yet have to behave like I was doing nothing, was surely tougher than I tought.

    I was holding an Audrey, and did not see anyone else holding one, until when I left the place and saw a grey Audrey. I almost screamed out. :nuts: But I did not get to take a photo of it, so pretty.
  2. I wanna see the pics!!!

    Ever since I started coming on TPF I notice ladies and their COACH handbags, wallets, wristlets, etc. EVERYWHERE!!! Every time I spot a COACH I think how much money that company much be worth!! On top of that all of us ladies on here spend a huge chunk of $$$$ on COACH!!! DAMN!!!
  3. That is funny.. I lady was wearing one of the new FP Poppy's at the Outlet and DH took of picture of it for me... Really gorgeous bag.. I also spotted a lady wearing the same bags as me and I Wow she has my bag.. No pic's on that one..
  4. kmk752, ok, I will try to poast them tonight after I upload them. Haven't even seen what is in my camera yet. :P

    coach addict, oh, please upload the photo here. I want to see. My DH was teaching me how to take those pictures without them notice. LOL
  5. I took a pic of a harder to find coach bag at the outlet on Saturday :smile: I havn't posted it yet... but I also sat next to a grandmom who had a black tartan glam and I was kicking myself for not bringing my phone with me to snap a picture!