i felt happy - but now nervous

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  1. I scored my dream bag at a pretty good deal - i waited till the last second and put in my bid. i was soooo excited and happy that i won.... for 5 minutes.

    but then... now...sitting here, after making payment, im nervous.

    hope it wont get lost while shipping- PLEASE dont turn out to be a FAKE (auction had real bag's pics)

    im like sitting on fire, lol
  2. hey, relax ! no good worrying till something goes wrong ! breathe..in...out...in..out.....
  3. Good luck !!!
    It ll be fine, think of the good transactions that get done everyday :smile:
  4. I am nervous these days too. I think we are all nervous about ebay now. Sit tight, it will probably be ok.
  5. Did you have it authenticated before buying it? Don´t be nervous until there is a reason to be! Good luck!

  6. Yes, did you have it authenticate with tpf??? I am quite sure that it will be fine.
    When you do get it ... Enjoy and Congrats!!!
  7. Remember that more than 90% of Ebay transactions are fine; look at all those positive feedbacks left in general...

    I had wonderful transactions on Ebay. Most of the items I bought in th past were from great sellers.

    Relax and enjoy your dream bag!
  8. lovely64 & Lovely4: seller provided pictures of authentic bag.
    thanks everyone - i'll sit tight and wait----
  9. Let us know that all is okay, once you receive it. I've bid and won bags, that the seller made me nervous, and was on pins and needles too. It will be fine!:yes:
  10. Remember, most ppl do ok with ebay, a lot of ppl here need to vent or ask questions about things that went wrong, so that's mostly what we are reading about!!
    I have never had a bad ebay buying experience, myself (knocks wood)
    I bet your bag will be delish! Congrats on your hg! :heart:
  11. thank you all, i really feel much better after reading all ur comments
  12. Oh my Gosh, seriously,I'm doing the same thing right now. I scored a HG bag last night and now am thinking "what if I get scammed" Stupid Ebay.

  13. SOOOO.. aren't you gonna tell us what bag it is???? :graucho:
  14. a baby/mini chloe,used for 300. my hope is IT AS PICTURED (condition) and REAL cHLOE.
    i think it is super deal, dont you think

  15. awwww!!! GREAT DEAL indeed!!! =)