I fell while carrying my Speedy :O

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  1. So I was in a rush and leaving my place when my shoelace got caught in the door as I was walking out! I felt like everything was moving in slow motion and I remember thinking "oh no my bag :cry::cry:". I fell 2 steps onto the cold ground (with snow!) and landed on my hands and knees face down. My Speedy had been on my left arm and was covered in snow. Of course the first thing I did was check the bag, and IT'S OK! No scratches or anything and the handles are fine! My knees are a little banged up but I'll live. I am SO glad I got the DE canvas, now I really have no fear :lol: :graucho:

    Just wanted to share, I feel like most people would not have understood that my first concern was my bag haha! My love for LV and the DE canvas goes on!
  2. I do the same thing when I fell while walking up stairs. Who cares about the hands or knees, the purse comes first. Funny how our priority changes in just a few second. :P Glad was the DE bag. I don't dare to bring out the mono if it rains or snow.
  3. oh no! I’m sorry that happened to you, I feel bad for your knees but I’m glad the bag is ok. I remember the last time I fell I saw things in slow motion too (so weird) it was like watching the Matrix, anyways, I hope you feel better and don’t get any bruises :flowers:
  4. Glad to hear you and the bag are ok! :tup: It's strange to say it but cuts, grazes and bruises will heal - a scratch on the bag won't! :tdown:
  5. Ouch, glad to hear that you and Speedy are okay. 2 steps could've done some damage, glad the injuries were minimal. I know that I would've been more worried about the bag too.
  6. As I was reading that I was hoping it wasn't going to be monogram! 😊 what a relief!
  7. I think pretty much everyone has that protective instinct toward our LV bags :smile:)))) I am glad you are ok though.
  8. Aww poor you and Speedy ! I am glad you both are okay :smile: Trust me, I am the same way as you - no worries >.<
  9. glad youre ok and not hurt badly. lol sounds like a mommy carrying their baby...first instinct is to protect the "precious".
  10. Glad you're okay! I haven't fallen while carrying my LV yet, but always thought about scenario in my head. :lol:
  11. :lol: This is what my folks used to say to me like when I would fall off my bike. While my Mom was treating my wounds she would always say that wounds will heal, but my bike won't (and this was while my Dad was out checking out the damage to my bike!)

    My parents were really great. I miss my Dad...
  12. So glad that you are ok! Yep...only on TPF will people understand!!!!
  13. Okay guys now you've got me all worried about falling with my LV's! :sweatdrop: Three people in 1 Thread have fallen. I'm kind of superstitious about things like this. :cry: See there - I'm already crying. (Not really Hehe)
  14. Omg! Glad you and the bag are okay. Lol if I spent that kind of money on a bag. I would check the bag first too.
  15. Don’t worry, when I fell I wasn’t carrying any LV, I was wearing super high heels and twisted my ankle. I still wear heels but nothing too high, how boring right?

    We should practice falling and throwing the bag up in the air, then rolling on the floor and catching it, that would look really cool :lol: :cool: