I fell victim to the gathered Lindsey too!

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  1. I walked in to Coach tonight hoping to spend as little as possible maybe find a Sophia and use $100 off.. well this bordeaux color is just so unbelievable. i tried on the plum patent lindsey a lot too but this was just like not staying there. it is the most i have ever spent on a bag tied with my putty madison carryall which i love also! i really like this bag and luckily it fits over my shoulder well. here is just 2 quick pics

  2. Lining is a dark gray so pretty

  3. Congrats! Bag twins...I just got this one also! She is soooo perfectly gorgeous! Enjoy her!
  4. Okay here is one that to me is even better. I think THIS IS MY FAVORITE BAG EVER i love love love love love it. I found it on clearance at the outlet for like $140 and the best parts are the softest of the leather, the bronze hangtag matching the creed inside, and the prettiest Pink lining ever!!

    here is my gold Andie tote (small size)

    i have 4 now, wow. small blue patent, large white leather, and large gray patent



  5. cool bunnches thanks for looking!
  6. last bag is a sabrina i just could not help it.. it is "raisin" with plain tan lining oh well.. my owl looks awesome on her!



  7. last item is a wallet to match my drawstring python bag in this pattern, and it was only $43 wow!

  8. group photo of bags

  9. Horrible being a victim isn't it??:graucho::lol:

    Congrats on all your pretty finds!
  10. Wow!!!
    You scored!!!!! I love the Python wallet!!! Very cute and great price!
    The Bordeaux Gathered Lindsey is Beautiful!! Great lining!!!! Very nice!!
    As always, Sabrina is one of the best bags!!! Nice Andie Tote too!!!
    Enjoy all your great finds!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. OMGosh!! LOVE your goodies, Jenn!! That Gathered Lindsey is SO gorgeous -- I keep getting tempted by it :smile:. Your Sabrina is a beautiful colour and the owl looks perfect on it! I LOVE that fob SO much that I have two .. LOL! Finally, ANOTHER Audrey? LOL! and is that LUSH I see in the background? Two of my three weakness, Lush and Coach .. LOL!
  12. yes donna it's just terrible!! hehe ;)

    thank you so much for your thoughtful compliments as always lynne!!

    thanks ildera! yes it is lush i have a huge lush problem, and coach and pandora is my third problem :smile: and 2 owls lol thats awesome!!

    PS the andie tote is the MOST comfortable and user friendly tote ever!!
  13. Umm .. we MUST be twins because we share problems (I have a LUSH container full of soap and Pandora is now my third problem) as well as a name .. :roflmfao:!
  14. Nice, very nice!! Thanks for sharing!
  15. owl fob is perfect with that bag. audrey tote cousins too,i have the xl one. congrats especially on the gathered whoa!