I fell out of love with my Cerises Speedy :(

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  1. How could this happen? :crybaby:

    I agonized over the decision to buy her. She was more than I'd ever spent on a bag before (oh, those days of innocence...) But she was so beautiful...she was my true love...before I knew it, I'd clicked BIN!

    When she arrived, I was in full-on :heart: superlove. It was July, and I thought, hey - why don't I put her away for a holiday treat? Won't she look adorable in December? So I slipped her into the dustbag and waited. Every so often I'd take her out to admire her and pet her, and she would make me smile, and I'd put her back in and wait some more.

    The other day, I decided it was time for my holiday treat. I pulled Ms. Cerises out of the dustbag, took the stuffing out of her, put my stuff in, and......eh. Just eh. She's still just as perfect as the day I got her, and she's cute, but doesn't utterly blow my skirt up the way I thought she would. No oooohs and ahhhhs.:sad:

    What's the matter with me? Am I really that fickle? Have I been spoiled/distracted/contaminated by my Balenciaga addiction? :shrugs: Will I come back around to my Cerises love, or should I let her go?
  2. Why don't you take your baby out for ONE day wearing the most fabulous matching outfit to go with her. I think cerises is so cute, and all the admiring stares you will be getting throughout the day might change your mind!!
    If you don't feel it though, then at least you'll know for sure that it's time to put her up on ebay and get something to fall in love with all over again.
    And next time don't put off something that you really like! If you spoil yourself by buying an expensive LV don't just hide it in your closet. Use it!!
  3. Um...what can I say..

    I think you can feel in and out of loving something, as I also think every people do.

    I know you will fall in love with her again ...soon.
  4. I haven't carried my Cerises pochette in about a year now.. but I think of it as "part of my collection", and that it is hard to find now.

    Keep a positive state of mind! :biggrin:
  5. ^^
    hmm.. I think the Bal bug has bitten yet another PFer REAL hard!! I think for every reason you love your bbags.. those are the same reasons you're falling out of love with certain LVs.. at least I know that's the way it's happening for me...

    but as we speak I have a LV on its way to me - and I really really hope that I still love it as much as the first day I laid eyes on it!

    I think if you think you may change your mind in the future or you may have some use for your cerises you should hold on to it for a bit... but if you can't see yourself ever loving it again and this would free up some money for a certain RV bbag.... you know what my vote would be!!
  6. If i were lucky enough to be in your cerise shoes, here's what i do.

    if i love it, i use it. if water gets on it, so be it, i will still love it.
    good china? use it for *my favorite* taco night.
    1000 dollar bag? wear it everywhere.
    good shoes? silverware? oh yea
    i believe in using good pieces to the fullest. what is the point of having them otherwise!?
    but that's just me.
  7. I absolutely agree. I carry other LVs everywhere, even when I'm wearing ratty sweats. I use my gorgeous crystal wineglasses on a regular basis. There's no point in having beautiful things if you don't use them! I have never put something away for this long before, and maybe that was my downfall....
  8. ROFL! You are such a wonderful enabler!:roflmfao:
  9. I think the cerises is SO beautiful!! If you do think of selling it.....:smile:
  10. Oh, I'm so sorry something you were so in love with, does not float your boat right now.
    I would agree to wear her out, use her a bit and see if you can get the fire back in your life for your cerises speedy!:P
    Wait awhile to decide what you will do with her though, bc the love may return....good luck with yuor decision!
  11. Yeah... it's a good thing and a bad thing... I'm this way to myself too! So end up buying so many things.. :shame:

    I'm just hoping you get it so I can live vicariously through you! ;)

    Thinking about it some more.. maybe the cerises thing might be seasonal for you? You'd feel it more in the summer? :shrugs:
  12. I hear you. I sold mine and so far no regrets!!! Put it this way, if you do miss it, you can always pick up another one on eBay or elsewhere!:graucho:
  13. Jeez, girl, you sold all your Speedies, didn't you? You must have lots more room for H in your closet now. :graucho:

    I guess that's my big fear...if I sell it, would I regret it? Thanks for reminding me that there are more out there....
  14. I've also loved the cerises speedy since the day it came out. I just haven't felt like using mine lately either. I still love and would never consider getting rid of it, but I definately go through periods where I just don't feel excited by certain bags. It changes and I eventually go back to loving them to pieces again. I would hold on to her for awhile and see how you feel in a few months. I would feel terribly if you sold it and then regretted the decision later now that your only option would be to pay even more for the bag on ebay.
  15. I used to be in the same boat as well...I've sold most of my vintages plus a used trotteur without regrets, but it was initially hard in the beginning because I love vintage and I worked hard to get the collection. But I told myself that I wasn't using the bags as much as I should've...and they weren't as exciting for me as my other bags.

    I say, test out the bag for another day, and if she still doesn't do it for you...you know the drill.