I fell off the wagon...

  1. Ok, confession time:shame:...I fell off the wagon and broke the bag ban. I started an unshakeable desire for both the Elvire and Heloise and couldn't rid myself of the feeling, especially with all the tempting sales going on at the moment.

    I tried on a large beige patent Heloise in a shop yesterday and was immediately cured of that one. It's a very nice bag, but it just didn't set my heart racing IRL. I also tried on a large Elephant Elvire in a different store earlier in the week and it was :love: at first sight.

    That evening I was idly browsing on eBay, when what should I see. ?..the self same Elvire (albeit pre-loved) for quite a lot less than I'd seen it in the store sale. Surely that was Kismet...it was MEANT to be...that bag had my name on it for crying out loud !

    So,what was a girl to do :confused1: ??? I'll tell you what:graucho:...tell DH (who was so engrossed in a script that he was only listening with half of one ear) that I'd like to have the Elvire for a Valentines / early birthday gift, that's what. Since he just wanted me to stop distracting him, he readily agreed (I do :heart: my DH). so, I put on a bid in the closing minutes of the auction and won the bag at the starting price :yahoo:.

    I know that I asked you all to kick my ass if I broke the ban and I do feel deeply ashamed of myself for being so weak minded :s...but you girls of all people know what it's like when that feeling :devil: gets a hold on you and hey,what's yet another bag between friends ?

    Having heard my guilty confession sisters,please absolve my guilt in a bountiful fashion at your earliest convenience - thank you in advance for your support xxx.
    Elephant Elvire.jpg
  2. :party::party::drinks::drinkup:

    Party on Rock star! It's beautiful!

    When are we going to get some modeling pics out of you?
  3. I saw that (Nat alerted me)!! Hey no kicking. I was in the exact same spot you are in now last year! Purchased lots of purses because of the fabulous sales and I have no regrets over these procurements!

    You do wind down because your base gets broad and you have lots to play with.

    Anyway I love your Elephant Elvira. The handles have to be one of Chloe's finest!! You will definitely enjoy this purchase!!
  4. Wow, I love that Elvire...I never saw that style! Its a little smaller than the ones I have seen.
  5. :woohoo: now you can join me in waiting for a new bag to arrive. I have to say the waiting is getting to me now. I'm turning into one of those people who's constantly looking out the window. And i keep checking my order status on nap every 5 minutes, just in case its changed :nuts: I'm going quite mad.

    But hey back to you, well done on the bag, if you love it and you can justify it (hell can any of us TPF ladies not justify a purchase???) then enjoy :party:
  6. Yay! Congrats the bag is fantastic!
    One more girl waiting for her new Chloe here too!!!
  7. Tagullah love the bag. Well done.
  8. Tagullah congrats.
  9. Well done, Tagullah. Love the colour. What a bonus getting it for the starting price!

    Ah, purse bans. I am teetering on the edge of that wagon myself. :graucho:
  10. Tagullah.....missing you on the Mulberry forum!!!:crybaby:
  11. It's lovely !! Well worth breaking a ban for ;)
  12. I have a new edict:

    BAN PURSE BANS!!!!!!!!!:queen:
  13. Tag- don't lie! You jumped off the wagon and started running! LOL.... I love your purchase though, who really needs a bag ban anyway? (aside from me, that is...)
  14. OMG! You got this at the starting price? No one else bid on this beauty??? You gals have ALL he eBay luck! I'm always fighting 10 other bidders and end up spending wayyy more than expected (I never back down from competition, LOL) to win the bid! Lucky you! Beautiful Elvire!
  15. So.. you are the one that won that bag.:smile: I was actually watching that bag as well, however I had to leave & when I got home the auction was over & the bag was sold. You will have to post pictures when you receive her. Congratulations on winning such a beautiful bag:tup: I am quite envious!:p