I fell off the wagon...and other weekend confessions...

  1. Yes...a confession...I fell off the wagon...I have now joined those on the forum that I did not quite understand in the early phases of my H interest/obsession...(personal difficulty visiting an H boutique or website without a purchase)... :shame:

    Well, I have learned from my latest experience (or experiences for those of you keeping track)...

    (1) Do not enter H when your favorite SA is working if you do not intend to purchase...especially if you enjoy such encounters...(note...she does not have to encourage me...in fact, she keeps me focused to some degree)...

    (2) Do not enter H after having a lovely lunch with a friend (and 3 glasses of wine...she needed to return to work...I was "free")...

    (3) Do not buy shawls if you don't wear them (yes, this was learned over the last couple of weeks, I did not buy a shawl this time...I am learning!)... :yes:

    Please feel free to share your own lessons learned or other weekend confessions...now to post about that black kelly with gold HW on the inventory thread...(LOL...another great example of my SA keeping me focused...)
  2. SoCal ... did you buy a black Kelly?!!!!
  3. No, no black kelly...I looked but did not touch!

    I looked at bags and belts to continue "research" related to my next birkin...

    I fell off the wagon in a small way (relatively speaking)...

    I tried on a version of the "Shopmom" bracelet (red/gold-beige horn)...liked it!

    I tried on a version of what I think of as the dog collar bracelet..but that brought on Dominatrix Teddy hallucinations...

    I tried on several versions of the chaine d'ancre bracelet and had my "Goldilocks" moment...just right!

    Then...had to drag DH to Cartier to look at wedding bands...he lost his on the golf course the first or second year of our marriage (our 12th anniversary is next weekend)...we ordered a band, but didn't care for it when it arrived...he didn't find a perfect fit...but...I did..."Goldilocks" moment number II...the Love ring in white gold came home with me...
  4. SoCal,

    You've been BAD BAD BAD (crack goes Lolo's lunge whip)!!!

    But as a fellow H-Anon potential strayer, I have to say your purchases sound great. They're definitely keepers. (So shhhhh, but congratulations.) :P

    "Goldilocks" - love it! :roflmfao: I frequently use that analogy myself.:lol:
  5. SoCal- re: new wedding ring- you didn't fall off the wagon- you fell on the "band" wagon. :graucho: :roflmfao: Hope you'll post pix and thanks (I think) for the head's up about the Kelly at SCP.
  6. OMG pleeeze post a pic of the ring!! I love that bracelet and want it one day -- but the ring!!!! Must be gorgo.....oh...my confessions...well I unexpectedly sold a bag this week and unexpectedly purchased another which will arrive next week...and somehow a new bracelet and notebood showed up on my doorstep today by Fedex!! I am not very good at stopping.....
  7. I have to say...I feel a bit good about being bad in this case...will post pics tomorrow!

    Thanks all!
  8. woo..it's a good kind of bad!!! congratulations!!
    pic pic pics!!!!
  9. Your turn...RUN!! (and congrats on your goodies!)
  10. :shame: Been bad too, SoCal. Been very, very bad.....and I'm not even sure I was ever ON the wagon in the first place! That's what happens though.....there's NO STOPPING!!!! :wtf:
  11. Excellent purchases SoCal!!! Looking forward to seeing pix!
  12. How bad.......do tell!!
  13. Spill it, Shopmom! And bring pictures!!!

    SoCal - Congrats on your purchases and your wedding anniversary!
  14. Bad but ooooh fun! :yahoo:
  15. Rose, Ouch...

    Shopmom, Do tell!

    And pics...Cartier love ring and earrings (will not wear them together!)...Hermes bracelet...
    Jewelry 001.jpg Jewelry 002.jpg Jewelry 006.jpg