I fell off the sofa and it's not even February...

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  1. #1 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009

    Girls, don't be mad at me, but yesterday I fell off the sofa and bought another bag.

    Thanks to a lovely tpfer - you know who you are! - I now am the proud owner of a plum Somerset! :yahoo:

    In my defense, this bag will take the place of my Blenheim (which, while gorgeous, is too small for me) and I know I will use it regularly. The colour is truly stunning, it is surprisingly lightweight and the size is perfect. I'll be able to fit loads of Miss M's stuff inside and it won't weigh a ton. Plus, it fits over my shoulder when I've got a thick coat on! :tup:

    After this, the only bag I will be buying in 2009 is a choc Phoebe, though I haven't decided which bag will go if I find one. If and when I do get one, I am seriously chained, tied and glued to the sofa. Seriously. I mean it. No, really, I do. :P

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  2. Oooh I really like and a great size on you!
  3. :lol: Love the title to this thread!!

    Well, you may not have made it February, but I'd say it's well worth it!! Looks great on you!! Congrats!!
  4. OMG you are the one who sent me for forever-search of Plum Glace Bays (- by showing your Blenhem to start with, I mean)!
    Now you are already moved on to the next beautiful bag. I can't keep up!! But it looks fab on you, really. Congrats ;)
  5. I'm sure you mean it :smile:

    I agree with Kris, it's well worth it. Such a gorgeous color! Congrats and enjoy.
  6. all addicts have setbacks....just get back up on the wagon (er..or sofa)
  7. Aww, it really suits you KLP, lovely colour! Well done - so how many weeks did it take you to acquire 3 bags LOL :smile:

    Congrats, it is gorgeous.
  8. Wow, you got one in the end. Hope you love it and enjoy carrying it. You both look gorgeous.
  9. ha ha- glad you got Mrs Plum!!! i've been using my plum somerset today- she's a fab bag, so lightweight and easy to use!!! congratulations! must say the only bag that could tempt me off the sofa would be a choco phoebe but like you i'd have to sell something. I don't need any new Mulberries so won't actively look and if anyone sees a fab choco phoebe don't tell me!!!
  10. that is a lovely bag - very worth trip off the sofa! The plum is so nice - there is a lovely plum roxanne on ebay - not sure if its real but color is just lovely!
  11. thats super baggie xxx
  12. She looks great, cannot blame you. So enjoy!!:yes:
  13. Thanks so much girls for all your kind comments and for making me feel better about buying yet another bag!

    Pheebs - thanks, I think largish bags look better on me than small ones, hence goodbye to Blenheim.

    Kris - Yes, I think it's worth it too - I love this bag!

    ratrat - lol! I hope you do find a plum glace Bays someday!

    Livia - thanks for believing me! I'm certain I mean it this time too!

    pfe - thanks, that makes me feel loads better!!! I'm back on the sofa (for the moment!).

    Maple - lol, I'd rather not think about how long it's taken me to get 3 bags. I must stop doing this!

    Tiree - yes, finally got one and glad I did. I was undecided about it when you got yours a few months back and said it kept falling off your shoulder. Then I got to try a Somerset IRL at HoF and really liked it.

    Jo - my bag twin! Glad to hear you love Mrs Plum too. I love the style, so understated and classy. So you want a choc Phoebe too? The race is on!
  14. etalb - I saw that plum Roxy too and was very tempted but I know it's too big and too heavy for me. It's so gorgeous though!

    Snowshoe - thanks!

    Bagcrazy - thanks, I'm really pleased with it. It's very 'me' and the colour is so rich!
  15. Glad you're loving Mrs Plum, she looks mighty fine on you!