I fell in with the Betty Hobo...HELP! Is there any hope?

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  1. Okay, so I have always admired Chloe bags from afar, but today I saw a Betty Hobo for the first time = :drool:

    :heart: Instant, utter, complete LOVE. :heart:

    I am in the midst of rebuilding my entire collection (I literally only have 1 bag at the moment :wtf:) and all of a sudden the Betty Hobo looks like it might be a contender. I have a few basic questions for you experts, though, and would truly appreciate your help:

    1. Is the Betty Hobo available outside of the auction sites? If so, where should I look beside the obvious (Chloe retailers)?

    2. Was the Betty Hobo ever produced in any of the following colors: red (even a deep red/wine is fine), gray, or black with mostly silver HW?

    3. If I can't get a Betty Hobo, I am also entranced by the Betty Satchel. Can this bag still be easily found? And do the large or medium sizes fit over the shoulder decently?

    Sorry to pepper you all with questions...I am just fascinated with this bag and would love to get my hands on one!!! Thanks again. :flowers:
  2. I have 4 Betty hobo. It is my favorite style!!:yahoo: I have black, white, blue, and tan. I am not sure of the official name for these colors. I bought all of mine at ebay so I am not sure where else you can get it. Maybe bonanzle.com. I have not seen red or gray but they would be great colors for Betty hobo.:yes: My black one is with square zipper pulls so all silver color HW. Good luck with your search!!
  3. theres one on ebay uk at the moment, be sure to get authenticated first though.
  4. Thanks for the info.!!!

    And I am officially JEALOUS!!! (but in a nice way...it's great to hear that you have been able to find several in your favorite style!) :tup:

    I will start checking ick-bay and the Bonz now...and if anyone is interested, there is a blue Betty Hobo at Ann's Fabulous Finds website right now!! All of her items are guaranteed authentic, so no worries on that front. I have bought from her before and she is wonderful (and no, I am not affiliated with her - I'm just a fan). ;)

    I am just sad that blue doesn't work for me, waaaah.
  5. Thanks so much!!! I'm on it right now. :smile:
  6. BTW - does the Betty stachel fit over the shoulder? It seems like the drop is long enough but I am not sure how a slightly bulkier shape like that would work under the arm.

    Thoughts? :flowers:
  7. There was a Gorgeous Betty hobo on Anns Fabulous finds....
  8. i have a large betty and it fits great over the shoulder. Im 165cm and have no issues carrying it. Its not bulky as it's so soft & squishes together, even with all my junk in it. I have the small chain satchel as well but thats a longer strap.

    Good luck - betties are awesome.
  9. Yes the large and medium will fit over the shoulder on an average person... I am not petite and was able to carry the small over the shoulder too...

    Betty seems to be in abundance one moment and then hard to find another moment... there is a patent hobo in black on ebay.com at the moment and a few satchels around on both ebay and bonanzle. I do not know where else you would find one aside from the auction sites. I do recall hearing that one of the US outlets (woodbury?) was getting betty bags in???? unsure. Good luck - I love betty!
  10. Loquita!!!

    Glad to see you here!

    My betty medium satchel is one of my top 2 bags... Mine fits nicely in the shoulder and it is quite comfy... I love this size as well, the small was too small for me.

    I am a silver hw addict, but i love the brass/silver combo on my betty... So edgy!

    Good luck in your hunt...
  11. Thanks everyone! I appreciate all of your advice and expertise...

    and maria, I say your choco med. Betty and it is GORGEOUS!! :drool:

    Let the hunt begin!!! :yahoo:
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  13. Hi LO! Glad to see you here! DRR's right, Bettys show up here and there. The hobo will be an awesome bag to add to your collection. I have the small and it's really not suited to be worn on the shoulder. I too love the mixed hardware. Good luck on your hunt!
  14. I'll just add to the kudo's for Betty--I have 4,-- 2 large satchels, a tote and the chain Betty -- love them!! Think they have an understated chic'ness about them and are a classic style bag that will always look great, as well as be functional. Everytime I think 4 is too many, I can never decide which one should go, thus, all stay!!:rolleyes:
  15. Thanks so much!!!

    I have actually located a few Bettys that I am interested in...:graucho:

    (And a gorgeous Paddy hobo, but the whole peeling metal thing scares me a bit). :Push:

    I'll keep you all posted, and your advice is sooo appreciated!!! :heart: