i fell in love with this chloe wedges

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  1. Dear all tpfers,

    I went shopping the other day and I saw this pair of lovely nude wedges.I tried it on.However,I felt that my feet did not rest perfectly on the wedges. I wonder any of you ever own Chloe's wedges and would appreciate if anyone could advice me on their comfortableness. :biggrin:

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  2. Wow they are beautiful! I personally had not had any experience with Chloe wedges, but I guess with any shoe, you've got to wear them in..?
  3. I haven't owned any Chloe sandals, but from my experience they may be slightly comfortable based on that photo.

    The height diff btw the ball of your foot and the heel is still pretty high, so perhaps not as comfy as your traditionally flatter wedge (many of my prada's are of the flatter variety). However, I do like the straps at the front (seem to hold you in) and cupping the heel at the back might give you more stability. I've found that high wedges or heeled sandals that don't have the heel stability makes the walk a bit more daunting for me.

    Hopefully someone else can give you personal experience.

    They are nice wedges.
  4. thanks for the feedback ladies,I have been thinking it over and over and decided to get it tomorrow.....:P
  5. Alittle late, but I own three pairs of Chloe wedges, two 3 inch ones and a 4inch pair. All are very comfortable for medium length of time, the lower ones are better for walking. Because of the way Chloe designs the tip of the wedge to curve up they aren't the easiest shoes to walk in, I still wobble alittle sometimes...