I fell in love with this bag :(

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  1. The Audra in green patent leather. It is soooooooo gorgeous...I was totally going to order it on the spot (from luisaviaroma).I am usually a neutral bag girl;all my bags are black,chocolate,oak or excru. But I knew i could rock this green.

    Then I noticed that on the drop-down box thingey it says "noir".

    So I called them up,and the bag they have left is black,alas.

    So sad:crybaby:...does anyone have this bag to show me pictures and make me jealous??
  2. Ok,just as quickly I'm out of love. The pic on the website looks metallic green...puh-lease....Metallic AND patent AND green are just too much for a neutral leather bag girl like me!!!:nogood:
  3. Hmm... ok I'm dull, coz green is not for me. :push:

    I'm glad you're not disappointed that you missed out on green...what could you possibly wear this with??? :flowers::hrmm:
  4. yes, its not one of my faves.

    Mind you, I also saw the new Elvire IRL at the weekend. God that is one ugly bag!!! ewwwwwww
  5. OMGOSH YES the Elvire is FUGGLY! Even the SA couldn't hide her disappointment. Too clunky, too heavy and quirky. Just too BAD.
  6. I guess it's a good thing that they only had black at the time. Talk about buyer's remorse!
  7. the elvira looks like et the extraterrestrial,only not as cute!!
  8. This Elvire bag is ugly in pics as well... :throwup:

  9. It looks like it has been cut with a cookie cutter too, just one horrid bag, that you know will never ever grow on you! I couldnt believe my eyes :biggrin:

    one to be reduced alot at the end of the season for sure ;)