I fell in love with the mahogany leather satchel

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  1. Is this bag durable? Does anybody out there have it? Do the straps stay on your shoulder? I was going to get the patchwork (was trying to convince DH I needed it in both colors), but fell out of love with in once I saw it in person. Help!!!
  2. I'm not sure which bag you're talking about..do you have a picture? Or a style number?
  3. Style # 10580...Thanks!
  4. Nice bag!

    Wasn't this made in a fatigue color that is HTF?
  5. Oh, you're talking about to Soho satchels that were released earlier this year.

    I bought the large one in white with brown handles, and was heartbroken when the handles started bleeding brown onto the bag. *sniffle* So I had to return it.

    As far as I know that bag should be pretty durable. The leather is good quality *like all Coach leathers* and with the dark color it won't show dirt or wear easily. My satchel had no problem going on my shoulder, and I'm not a small girl, so you shouldn't have any problems with the smaller one fitting I shouldn't think.
  6. It is a really nice size satchel, esp with the 2 outside pockets. I have a silver one.