I fell in love with the balenciaga bag when...

  1. ... I first saw it in a fashion magazine but I really had to have it when I saw it IRL. My DH and I do flea markets and sell vintage clothes and bags and around 2002 model Karolina Kurkova was shopping in our booth. Guess what she was wearing? Yup, a flat brass black first :drool: Not sure what year... but she looked so great with just jeans and a tee and that bag - that's when I fell in :love:
    So, what was your moment?

    By the way, she was so nice & bought a bunch of stuff! :amuse:
  2. when i saw one of the olsen twins carrying one - it looked so squishy and yummy. i didn't even know what the brand was. i just fell in love with the style and later found out who it was made by
  3. The first time I logged onto this forum and saw all of your beautiful bags!!!
  4. For me, it was the first time I saw one of Deana's bags! I didn't know anything about Balenciaga. Then I started to learn about them on this forum and started seeing pics of celeb's and their bbags. I've purchased 6 bbags since then! Thanks for the addiction, Deana and TPF! lol
  5. I hate to admit this, but it was when I saw them on celebs! Mainly Gwyneth Paltrow's pewter hardware black city!
  6. when I held one of my friends black first.. it's soo light and soft!
  7. ...when I was in NM eyeing Chloe bags! The bbags had such fabulous colors...oh, and then I secured my love by coming on the subforum. Damn my curiosity!
  8. When I checked out the Partition bag IRL a few months ago. It was such great leather, and such a fabulous style. Then, as lordguinny says, this sub-forum sucked me in and made me an addict.
  9. Same here. I had never even heard of Balenciaga until I joined tpf a little over a year ago. But as soon as I saw pics of all the yummy bbags it was :heart: at first sight!
  10. about one year ago.... i think i fell in love after seeing nicole richie carrying them everywhere. And after seeing them so many times, I fell in love!!!