I fell in love with Downtown

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  1. I have to admit, when it came out I did not feel anything for it, but then I saw the one in purple/grey degrade colours and bought. Amazing tote which became my main bag. I could not resist this gorgeous color - dark red:


    my old one

  2. and another goodie:

    Y-mail wallet


  3. Congrats vesna! I've seen that red color IRL and it is so rich and gorgeous. :tup:

    Looks like a small Downtown? How do you like that size? I switched to the small a few months ago and love it. Holds a lot.
  4. Congratulations, beautiful color and a great bag. I'm a big downtown fan, I have the medium and small.
  5. Ooooooooooh, Cosmo, you just saved my life !!!!!!

    I payed and read your message and suddenly occured to me that I misread the dimensions

    their measure was 8¾"W X 12"H X 7¾"D

    and I measured my medium DT and the bottom had 8¾"W X 7¾"D.

    Not believing that the bag is actually so small (but I DID NOT ask :shame:smile:, I assumed they measured the bottom of the medium which is just about right.

    I just got my refund a minute ago, because I have enough small bags and for $900, I thought I was getting another MEDIUM DT, that is absolutelly my size, because I carry totes to work with plenty of papers

    so, the hunt is on again, that gorgeous red escaped for now :crybaby:

    and Cosmo, THANKS !!!! I just saved myself from finding it out when I pay all customs duties, thanks a lot:ty:

  6. medium, that is what I am looking for, oh no, missed this amazing color
  7. at least my new Marni arrived from Portero, and it is more gorgeous than I imagined, softest rugged lookng but gentle coloured lamb with a patent pocket which look so vintage + funky at the same time with frame and handle, just perfect bag and I needed one in exactly these colours (Y-mail wallet will go great in it):




  8. ^Well, glad I could help. Sorry it didn't work out. Judging Downtown sizes online can be so confusing (even for us experts lol) because the bag is triangular shaped, wider at the top than the bottom. I always go by the HEIGHT measurement only. If the bag is 12" high its definitely a small. Looks like a small too in that picture.

    Large = 17'' H x 11'' W x 8'' D
    Medium = 14'' H x 10'' W x 8'' D
    Small = 12" H X 10" W X 8" D
  9. Oh Vesna, we were almost bag twins!! I hope you find your medium Brulee soon!
  10. so that is the name of the color? Brulee ...well, I am going to dig hard to find it in medium...thanks (you still have the most amazing avatar photo :biggrin:)
  11. dear Cosmo, this is exactly where I went wrong. So much time on the forum, and besides, I am a Physics professor !!!!! Such an error in measurement ????? For $900 ? Appalling :shame:

    luckily bondny was more than helpful
  12. Totally agree! I feel like I've looked at a hundred Downtown bags online - and unless it's the large I can never tell between the small and medium size - even when seller gives the measurements! But great tip on measuring the height.
  13. Vesna--I'm sorry it wasn't the right bag!

    But your besace is gorgeous!!!
  14. thanks peppamint :hugs: