I fell in love with a pair of choos but cant find them!!

  1. Hiya
    I'm new to Jimmy Choo.
    I recently went to a outlet shopping centre and i came across a Jimmy choo boutique and went right in and fell in love with these GORGOUS pumps but they only had one pair left and they wernt my size :sad: i have tried to find them buy searching on google but nothing i don't even know the name!
    I was wondering if anyone had heard of them or have seen them for sale on the internet or something they are
    about 3" Heel
    They came in a sort of Glittery gold & A Sort of Midnight blueish colour
    They had a god oval decoration near the toe.
    I know it's not the best description but does anyone know what i'm talking about? and if they are avalible anywere ?
    Any information is really appriciated
  2. Have you looked on the JimmyChoo website? www.jimmychoo.com or contact Casey, my SA @ 312-255-1170. Just tell her what you were looking at and she will hunt it down for you.
    Here is here email address:
    Good luck!
  3. ^ Thanks soo much i really hope i find them they are tdf!