I Fell in Love with a Bal Bag!

  1. Hey Balenciaga Ladies! Maybe you can help me better than the non-existant SAs at Neiman Marcus. Seriously, I couldn't find ANYONE anywhere near the Balenciaga boutique...

    Anyway, I saw the CUTEST rich, kelly green Balenciaga handbag. It had a whistle hanging off of it, and was on the smallish side--similar to the ostrich whistle bag on the Balenciaga site. I tried to look inside of the bag to find a price, but couldn't find it. Do any of you know how much the Whistle bags cost and what the color of this bag is called? (it is similar to the color of this font.)

  2. Aloha Rag has the small one for $1185 and the larger one for $1285 on their inventory list for 12/27/06. The holiday edition with ostrich details runs about $1000 more. HTH! :yes:
  3. ^^ Correct, the small whistle sells for about $1185 and a larger version sells for $1285. The color you saw was Vert Gazon (grass green).
  4. Thank you, I knew you guys and gals would be knowledgable and helpful! The bag was definitely on the small side, so it was probably the same size as the one the tpf member is selling. LOVE that green color :smile:
  5. No problem...just for the record I'm a girl! LOL!! My Avatar is Paolo Nutini...the Scottish singer! :love:

  6. My bad :shame:

    He's a cutie, BTW.
  7. Hey! I have a small black whistle and someone started a thread the other day about this... I posted pictures of mine.

    Whistle Bags
  8. No worries! LOL! Yes he is a dollbaby!!!!!!!!!! If you want to hear him sing go to www.youtube.com and type in Paolo Nutini...unbelieveable voice too! :love:

  9. I saw your bag when I did a forum search, I :love: it!
  10. NM SF usually has not SA's around the B-bag department. I kind of like it just so I can relax more instead of having someone watch my every move and hover over me.

    Last time I was there the SA tried to push the Pony Hair bags onto me and I kept trying to explain that I wasn't a fan of it and she seemed annoyed I didn't like it.
  11. Paolo Nutini is fab, isnt he? Very proud of him over here is Scotland:yes:

    I think the Whistle Bag would look adorable in Vert Gazon! I didn't know they were doing it in any other than black, brown & red! Exciting!
  12. I can't believe there is a whistle somewhere in vert gazon!?!?!? :drool: