I fell in love today...

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  1. Now I've always loved Jimmy Choo bags, but I never expected to LUST after one like this! Was at Holt's in Toronto today contently looking for a work bag. When I saw it....it was GORGEOUS!
    Does anyone have this? If so, does it hold a lot, and will it hold a small laptop?

    Help! I've been swept away! (pic courtesy of Neiman Marcus online)
  2. I don't own it, but I have seen IRL and it is really GORGEOUS:yahoo: . I would think you could use it for a laptop (especially the newer ones) or an over night bag. Be sure to post you wearing if you decide to get it.
  3. I agree its gorgeous
  4. Its a beautiful bag! If you can get it - go for it. Unfortunately i haven't seen it IRL to comment on size etc.
    http://***********************/288100 ;)