I fell in love.....all over again

  1. Well my bad ebay day had a good side....

    I fell in love with my black MC Lodge PM all over again :love:
    I haven't worn her in about 2 months because of all my new bags and bad weather....so I took her out today....and remember why I loved her when I bought her.

    Does this happen to any of you ladies...and if so which bag did you re-fall in love with?
  2. :love: My jasmine. It was my first purchase, and then, it went into storage. I just carried it last week, and I really "fell in love again".
  3. It's such a wonderful feeling isn't it! Then I felt bad for neglecting her!
  4. Exactly.
  5. yes i feel the same way about my very old toledo blue epi speedy---my first ever ebay LV purchase. ive been neglecting her since i got my damier speedy 30.
  6. Oh GOD!!! I just took out my black Lodge GM today after having a Vernis fetish ... and am loving her sooo much. I have on a purple jacket and black skirt and the colors in the bag really pop. The MC purple stands out against the jacket. I LOVE this bag, and I thought I was only into Vernis... how fun we both did this today..
  7. LOL Veronika! I also noticed how much green & pink mine had today....I've learned so much from here since the last time I carried her...I finally just noticed she was a France baby too!
    I wore her with black jeans and a white Juicy top that has a rainbow on it....the colors played well off each other!
    Gosh...it makes me want another black MC pievce right now!!!!!!!
  8. I kinda want the white MC petite Noe, but the black is tempting too, I just like the whole Lucky Charms concept.... when it came right down to it, don't know which it would be.... black is too tempting...
  9. This happens every time I use my mono speedy. For some reason I don't use it too often, but every time I do I realize how much I love it and then I end up using if for a few days straight. (Usually I change my purse every day)
  10. I know what! I am thinking of keeping Ms. Lodge out for a couple days now to make up for lost time!
  11. Every time I use my red epi riviera.

    What about in and out of love...lol...I love my yellow birkin, but it's big (40cm), so when I get out I love it, and think "I should use this more it's so great", but by the end of the day, it's heavy, and I remember, "ahhh, that's why I don't use it more!
  12. Oh i think so ! Im glad you fell i love with it again because its a beautiful bag :smile:
  13. I miss my black MC speedy! I can't wait for cooler weather to take her out!!!:yes:
  14. awww Irene...don't wait....it's almost fall....she's probably all lonely and claustrophobic in her dustbag!!!!
  15. Yes, I know!:crybaby:But I am trying to use the bags right now that I won't be able to use when the weather gets all nasty here!