I fell and scratched my LV playing Pokémon Go!

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  1. So, within five minutes of downloading Pokémon Go, I tripped walking and fell on my bag! I'm fine, my hands and knees are a little scratched up, but my poor Artsy! It's not horrible, and not very noticeable, but the rings got small scratches on them[emoji31][emoji24]
    Anyway, let my fail be your warning! Be careful playing, and watch where you're walking. Ugh, at least I laughed at myself, and the other interns had a good chuckle[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Although they didn't understand why I immediately checked my bag and not my knees and hands[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
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  2. Ha! I would have checked my bag first, too!
  3. #3 Jul 13, 2016
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    The title of this post made me laugh out loud!
    No offense OP, I know you are mad because of the damage to your bag. That sucks.
    I am so against these apps... Your misfortune confirms how much I despise them.
  4. Sorry to hear that! Did you at least catch the Pokemon?
  5. They look tiny[emoji4] I remember you being so excited and having to wait for this as it was your college graduation present. Still looks beautiful though!!!
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  6. At least your okay. The bag doesn't look too bad. [emoji6]
  7. Hardly noticeable.
  8. Glad you are ok! Looks like Artsy is fine… a few minor scrapes will happen along the way. ;)
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  9. Concrete used Scratch, it was super effective.
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  10. Glad to hear you are ok. The scratches on your Artsy are hardly noticeable -- really not more than normal wear and tear.
  11. I had to laugh too. :lol: Glad you are ok.
  12. :lol:
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  13. :giggle:
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  14. I'm sorry that happened to you. My 11 year old son learned from his older brothers to play and now I'm worried about him out and about if somehow he's not paying attention..
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  15. Glad you are okay :smile: .. also glad that I have no idea what you are talking about in terms of Pokémon Go .. LOL!
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