i feel weird carrying a regular bag

  1. pretty much all summer i have been rotating btwn my coach bags. none of them really r great w my fall/winter coats- a tan leather jacket, a camel wool coat and a red puffy jacket. i bought a brownish-tan bag at Banana Republic that i love. it is silly though- but i feel weird not carrying coach now. is that strange? i mean, my louis and coach accessories will b in it, lol!
  2. Not strange at all.... I guess once a Coach lover always a Coach lover. Im definetely that way. My LVs havent seen the light of day for a looooong time.
  3. yepp. i OCCASIONALLY wear bags that are non-coach and i feel really weird too! lol. of course like you said i got all my coach accessories in them but it is a strange feeling
  4. Yup, I feel the same way. I have this really nice buttery soft leather bag from Lucky Brand, but I won't wear it caz I feel bad I'm not wearing one of my coach bags...it's like I miss them or something...lol.
  5. Totally agree with you, though right now I'm carrying a Banana Republic bag (bought at TJ Maxx) that I love (and kind of resembles the new bleeckers).
  6. Sometimes I feel a bit strange not carrying Coach but other times I feel awkward if I DO carry Coach. I have pretty frugal family and inlaws (and we are too, for the most part) and so I often carry a Fossil bag or something else that I love that isn't a name brand.

    I will say that I'm very happy that I love carrying well made but not designer handbags. It's good for my budget!

    For example, here's a pic of one of my Fossil favorites! Of course, it still has the Coach charms...
    fossil1 (Small).JPG
  7. ^^ very cute bag, TM and the charms look great!
  8. ITA with this thread-sometimes it's like you're cheating on Coach!
  9. Tejasmama, that's a very pretty bag!!! I know what you mean about your inlaws and family being frugal. Mine are too, and so are we. We don't spend that much money, but we both have our thinks--his electronics, my purses. Here's a pic of a Lucky Brand bag I just love, but for some reason can't bring myself to use caz I love my Coach bags....
    Picture 199.jpg
  10. ^^I like that bag. I mix up designers otherwise I would get bored quick :smile:
  11. i dont mind mixing my coach and lv or whatev. but a sort of normal brnad, like danier or roots or banana or whatever, just doesnt give me that special feeling i get carrying my designer bags. (even though some roots or banana bags can b the same cost as coach- wha tsi up w that?!)
  12. Thanks Kimmi!
  13. Your welcome! It really is nice!
  14. I've become the opposite! I got my Tokidoki bag in January and I've been using it constantly since then, I've gone back to my Coach bags, but I feel weird not using my Toki! And the strange thing is that I've been into Coach for far longer than I've been into Tokidoki.
  15. After my first coach I tried to use some of my old bags that are not name brand. I don't like them anymore and I feel bad because I loved them for so long too- I am giving almost all my old bags away to friends who admired them and now I only carry coach.....i thought this feeling would wear off but it hasn't yet. :smile: