I feel violated....

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  1. which keyfob?
  2. what keyfob is it? :shrugs:
  3. I just updated the post with the link, sorry I forgot to add it :shame:
  4. This one

  5. I think you can still order that through JAX but it is the keychain, not the keyfob. I got one on PCE and I love it.. my dh loves it even more. :tup:
  6. Do you know how much is it??
  7. Wow. I hate how some sellers on eBay take advantage of buyers looking for something that is rare or sought after. I hope u can find a better deal!
  8. That is crazy and insane. No one is going to buy that!
  9. I saw the keyfob version at my local boutique a while back and even though its not something I would wear, I almost bought a couple just because I knew people would be robbing everyone on eBay again with these!! Ridiculous - thats half a wallet right there!
  10. I know it was around $38 before PCE price :tup:
  11. Wow! That is crazy!

  12. See that's more reasonable. I never get the PCE card tho :crybaby:
  13. Actually, these charms were going for $100+ on ebay a few months ago!

    The original skull charms are hard to find and some people were willing to pay a pretty penny.