I feel validated!!!

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  1. I happened to find "tpf" by accident. At first, I read the messages as a guest. Then I had to join because you all made me feel so happy and sane! I am a new Coach purse, charm, key ring, (oh, I just love everything) collector.
    I had to call my dh at work when my pce card came in the mail.....needless to say, he was not as thrilled as I was with the special news of my impending shopping spree!
    I will try to post photo's soon.
    :sweatdrop: Whew-such a long message!
  2. hi welcome!!! you made a great accident ;)

    oh poor husband hehehe.
  3. Yeah, husbands just don't understand. My dh doesn't even pretend to be excited anymore when I show him a new purse. Welcome, I know you'll have fun here!
  4. Sweet Escape, welcome!

    This is a GREAT site/forum and you'll learn SO much! :yes:
  5. Hello there!
    Hope you have fun on this forum! :smile:
  6. Welcome!!!
  7. Welcome Krissy!

    I love this forum and I look at it as "saving" me money...hehe...I get ideas on sale items and also adding classis pieces rather than trendy items....so (in my mind) this is actually saving money :nuts:
  8. Welcome to tPF !!!! You will have WAY to much fun here!!
  9. Welcome to tpf!
    You'll love it here. You'll find the support you 'need' that you don't find at home, lol!
  10. :party:

    Welcome!! It's like a big party here, all day & all night long! :graucho:
  11. Welcome to the purse forum you will love it here.
  12. Bags4Bubbles!! I love your comment! That is exactly how I feel and being such a party girl, I will party with you all night and day long. This forum is the best ever!!!!!:graucho:
  13. Welcome.. I'm fairly new too and I feel so happy to have a place to obsess (er.. I mean discuss) my :heart: of all things Coach :yahoo:
  14. Welcome!! I found this site by accident as well and have yet to leave....not that I would ever want to!!
  15. Welcome to the forum. Your collection will grow tremendously if your frequent here...