i feel totally taken advantage of at work

  1. please tell me if im over reacting.
    iv been working at the same deprtment store for over 2 years now and have the most incompotent floor manager that exists. hes constantly "forgeting" my holidays and switching my hours at the last minute.

    today i went into work (i only work 4 hours on a saturday and 4 on a sunday) and double checked the rota file. he has me in 21.5 hours more than i normally do, knowing fine well im back at uni and now hes off all week so i cant even see a supervisor to try and change them until monday.
    iv told him im happy to do extra hours when ever its possible but he doesnt even ask! he has me down to work all day tomorrow 2-7 on tuesday (i cant get home from uni till 7!) 2-8 wed and 5-10 thur and then all day next saturday.
    i really get the impression that this man thinks i have no life and can just drop everything to come in because he is understaffed but wants to save money so wont hire anyone else.

    sorry for the rant.
  2. I don't think that you are being irrational a lot. He knows that you would be flexible but thar you also have other obligations (school) other than work...Next time when you talk to a supervisor I would lay out all the cards on the table....You may be right and he may not want to hire addtional help..Stand for your rights...Maybe he should be working on a sun..Good luck
  3. I had several female bosses like that. Stand up for yourself and speak up. After several years of this kind of abuse. I finally had the courage to stand up and how things changed instantly.
  4. Is there someone more superior than him whom you can go to? You gotta tell him firmly that he can't do this anymore and he has to show some respect for you in order for you to carry on working there.
  5. Yes, his job is to spend as little of the company's money as possible, and save every penny he can.

    Your schedule, or how late you get home is not really relevant. The company is in business to make money, not make your life easier!

    What you might do, since you are back at school, is look into which other employment situations could use someone during the times and days that are best for you.
  6. You need to sit down with the mgr and document the hours that you are available now that you're back at university. If he can't make that accommodation then you may need to start looking for something else.
  7. If your at uni you can't be a work unless we've figured out the ability to be in 2 places at once LOL, I think sometime places figure oh you've done that shift before so you'll be able to do it again but they should check with you especially as you are part time, is there not a senior supervisor you can speak to to get this weeks shifts changed and then talk to yur manager when he gets back.

    If the worst comes to the worst there are a lot of jobs around right now as the christmas season approaches
  8. im already looking for another job because it just seems that the longer iv been there the worse it gets, they are not a company that care about their staff at all despite being a huge nation wide company.
    i understand its not his job to remember everyones schedules but there arent many of us on our floor and he seems to "forget" a lot. im gonna see my supervisor on monday and just say that i cant work it but i know i will get the guilt trip.

    my job is only an 8 hour contract for saturdays and sundays ONLY and i do work extra when i can but i just feel like he expects me to work extra all of the time and doesnt even ask if its ok anymore.
  9. I think if your requests were made in writing, and if you photocopy your original schedule before he changes it, you would have no problem defending your position....In todays world, you need to keep meticulous records, especially if you are getting the shaft from your employer!!!
    Hope things get better at work!!!!
  10. ITA. The management there seems to be really lacking. I know that "business is business" and companies will do whatever it takes to increase profit, cut corners, and save money, but with your schedule it seems you need to find a company that actually cares about their employees and their schedules.

    Luckily I found a job as a banquet server and the schedule is really flexible. My school schedule is horrific so it was important for me to find a company that understood that school is first and work was second.

    Since your schedule is difficult to work around like mine, I suggest just shopping around for a job that states they have flexible hours and shifts. It took me all summer to hunt for a part-time job that worked for me. Good luck!!!
  11. While you're looking, I think this is a great idea in the meantime. If you give him your availability in writing (and if there's somewhere you can post it publicly, that's great too), he can't really say he forgot. Good luck finding something better - I'm sure there's something out there.