I feel the need for damier, epi.......

  1. Having just found this forum recently, I am amazed at how addicting it is!! I love seeing everybodie's purchases! Pre forum reading I had gotten 3 LV purses over a period of about 4 years - all in the monogram. Now I have gotten a BH and an agenda in 2 weeks!!! And - I just love the pictures of everyone mixing the different patterns together - it looks so great - I think I'm ready to branch out. Next I'm getting something in damier - then epi! I just love this forum, it is so much fun getting ideas from all of you to add to my collection - THANKS ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:tpfrox:
  2. Yup...this forum is filled with too many enablers with their beautiful things......lol....thats why I love them sooo!!!!

    Do you have the Alma yet?? The one in Damier is so gorgeous!!!!!
  3. I've got my eye on the damier hampstead but I agree that the alma is very pretty and I don't have it yet - help my list of bags I crave is growing by the minute!!!!
  4. Enjoy.
  5. welcome to tPF LV subforum! it *is* truly addictive here and very inspiring at that. you will easily be enabled to broaden your horizons to new lines and new styles that you never considered before. it's a great eye opening place and everyone is really helpful!
  6. Damier is my favorite line. The hampstead would be a good choice. I have the duomo, alma, speedy, and agenda. My husband has the damier wallet and business card holder. I have more bags in monogram, but the damier appeals to me more. I didn't get any of these before joining tpf. You'll be surprised how many bags you'll consider after seeing everyone's great pics. Have fun here and welcome!
  7. we are enablers, we are enablers (follow my chant)
  8. ^^^We are all enablers, we are all enablers! ITA! LOL!
  9. Yea get ready for your accounts to take a beating I've bought 4 bags and a cles in the past month. One of them being my first LV a damier azur speedy. Before this site I hated LV but seeing some people's items have made me reconsider.
  10. Love all you guys!!! Thanks - I'll be broke but VERY HAPPY!!!!!
  11. Enjoy your bags.