I feel the love for Birkin BUT not enough to...

  1. I get a chance to see black Birkin in 30cm Clemence PW today. It's a beautiful bag, good size for my frame however, somehow, I don't feel the love at first sight. :sad: Is that a bad sign that I shouldn't spend money? Also, though it's a great and unique bag, I don't know how to justify my DH (or myself even) to spend good amount of money on her.

    Can you please share with me what do you love about Birkin and if it's not because it's Hermes, do you still spend this amount of money to buy this bag?

    I mean, I can afford Birkin without problem but I wonder if you think the bag truely worth this much on its own and not because it's from Hermes, KWIM?

    I really appreciate it if you can share your opinion on this. Thank you.... :love:
  2. Birkins are not for everyone. You might find that you love the Kelly or maybe the Bolide or another H bag more- or maybe none at all. And that is perfectly ok! I will say, that when you see and feel the birkin (or Kelly for that matter) in the wonderful colors Hermes makes, you might just be swept off your feet. And then, if you get to actually feel leather like box, chamonix, or chevre in person- you will be history. Or maybe not. If it isn't for you, think of all the different bags you do love that you can buy for the same amount of money.
  3. ^ I could not have said it better.

    I hope you find the right bag for you!
  4. luvpurse, it sounds like the bag you saw is just not for you. I think if you loved it, you wouldn't have these doubts. Keep looking for the one that you love!
  5. The first, second and third time I "tried on" the Birkin, I didn't feel the love, either! It wasn't until I discovered the leathers i liked, and which combinations (I love the toile ones, and I love the very natural looking leathers) that I began to love the Birkin.

    I am a true Kelly and Bolide girl at heart. The Kelly made my heart leap the INSTANT I first saw one, and still does to this day!
  6. I'm with GF. I didn't like the first few birkins that I set eyes on IRL. IMHO, the color, leather, size and even the hardware all make a difference to the entire look and feel of the bag.

    Luvpurse, you might fall in love with one when you see a birkin in the perfect combo for you! Or you may be a real Kelly or Bolide girl at heart...as some of our members are. :yes:
  7. before I was into Hermes, I've always wondered what the fuss was about over an "ordinary looking" tote bag.... Now I beg to differ....
    I think its a particular bag rather than any Hermes Birkin per se that gets you hooked on a timeless classic.
  8. gigi, u sum it up well. i agree with her. the love takes time to be developed.
  9. Jag - I couldn't have said it better. As with anything at that price weather you can afford it or not you should feel the love. Keep looking, trying and touching.
  10. Thank you everyone for your opinions.... I plan to go to H store in NYC this week and see if I can find other styles of Birkin. I tried on Kelly before and I prefer Birkin better. I have to say though this black Birkin is darn cool but I think I was sort of having HUGE expectation after seeing all the great pictures from this forum. :love:
  11. Maybe a stiffer leather would be better... Or consider a Bolide....?

    Have fun and report back.
  12. That would be fun! If you don't see other birkins on the floor, you could check out the other bag styles to see how the different leathers & colors look like. Or you could ask to see the leather swatches.

    I hope you'll get a chance to try Birkin 30 and Birkin 35! :smile:
  13. I'm fairly new to this also, so if it helps, I've seen both a Birkin and multiple Kellys and Bolides in person, and the only bag that has really taken my heart is the Bolide ^_^
  14. I love birkins (I have a gold one already) and is waiting for a black one with the right leather, hw and size to come around.

    When I was I Paris I had a chance to tried on a few black birkins in different leathers. Let me tell you when I tried on a black evergrain I didn't feel any love towards it. The point to this is even a birkin lover might not feel the love for it if I wasn't the right color, size or leather for them.

    mabye you just need to try on a few more before you take this big step.
  15. i always thought i was a strict kelly girl, but i had never really seen a birkin up close or in a store. but when my SA uncovered that orange bag over the black birkin with GHW, i was HOOKED. there was no going back. i really like it with the flap tucked inside even more. i just like how simple it is, no real gimmicks, and it's so casual yet classic.

    i know some of you didn't like the birkin when you first saw it but it was love at first sight for me :love: