I feel terrible. Should I be?

  1. Hey all. Here goes the long rant. I sold a Chloe On eBay. The chloe i bought was authenticated by the forum on Jan 2007 , so that gave me the OK to buy it so i did . Used it once and never used it again . So i decided to sell it so i did . Im an honest person and In my opinion a great seller i try to help as much as i can . She asked me for lots of pictures and sent them with no problem so she made an offer and sold it to her. I sent the bag express . But now there is a whole commotion about my bag not being authentic... And even though lots of fellow tpfers say its authentic why do i feel terrible. Now i have doubts. Bc one person states its not. I dont want to be known as a seller that sells fakes.. Its not a good thing, So why do i feel so bad??? Please guys help me . The person that bought it feels its authentic but just one person stating otherwise just puts doubts in your head. Please guys advise.... :sad:
  2. This says a lot to me:
    YOU feel it's authentic, the person who bought it feels it's authentic, and various other tPFers (whom I assume are knowledgeable about Chloe?) feel it's authentic.
    I personally would feel comfortable with the majority vote here, because really that's all you can do.
    Bearing in mind that I personally have NO knowledge of this situation or ANY of the parties involved, you also might need to ask yourself if there are any ulterior motives under the surface for a claim by a third party that the bag is not what it appears to be.
  3. If you believe the bag to be authentic and both you and the buyer are happy I wouldn't worry about it.
  4. Dont doubt yourself for a minute, if you thought it was authentic and people on here autenticated it then thats good enough for me. If the buyer is saying that its not authentic then tell her to visit the forum and the
    -autheticate this- thread, she can get it done here for free.
  5. Don't worry about it. There are people that don't know about vintage, LE, SO or seasonal items and call them fake too. If you are concerned, maybe CarolDiva can authenticate it for you?
  6. I'm confused... so did one of the friends of the buyer say it's not real? If the buyer is happy then I don't see a problem.
  7. ^^Yeah I know. Who is the person saying it isn't authentic?