i feel stupid but i have a question.

  1. Hi everyone! I just got my very first LV for christmas (mono speedy 25 and I am in love!) anyways. It came with a dustbag but the dustbag doesn't seem to fit around it unless the bag is folded up like it came in the box, and I don't really want to fold it up because then it creases on the sides. Am I missing something - or how do all of you store yours when you aren't using them?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. i fold mine...but i understand what' you're saying. i don't want to fold it either but i have to. i'd rather stuff it with paper.
  3. I've heard that the dustbags for speedys aren't big enough when they're propped up. Some pfers have used pillow cases instead. I would recommend that over folding your bag (which could cause creasing and possible cracking if the environment is too dry).
  4. I didn't think about the cracking. I always fold mine down like the SA did when I bought it. Maybe I should use a pillowcase instead... :shrugs:
  5. I don't keep my speedies folded b/c I hat popping out those pesky sreases. I just use old Coach dustbags to store them.
  6. I most of mine folded (not my perfo). It doesn't hurt them.
  7. i just put my speedy 30 unfolded with all my stuff in it in a dustbag and it's fine. it was a big of a squeeze but it fit.....
  8. I don't know if LV does this...but you could try purchasing a larger dustbag or asking them if you could swap the one you have for a larger one? Just a thought....the pillowcase idea works too.:yes:
  9. My dust bags fit the Speedy (I don't fold!). They are kinda barrel shaped-looking with a drawstring (kinda like a duffel). I think I asked my SA for it to fit the Speedy in it's normal shape.
  10. I stuff my speedy and store it in a big Lesportsac tote...never fold it again...hate the lines on my speedy
  11. I don't use the dustbag because I never put mine away!! :smile:
  12. i don't fold mine, i stuff them and put them in their dustbags sideways. they still don't completely fit but at least it's mostly covered. i hate creases and want them to retain their shape.
  13. I stuff my speedy 25 in the larger dust bag originally used for my papillon since my mom is using my pap nonstop nowadays.
  14. I kept the origianl dust bag but store my speedy in a clean pillowcase. Seems to work just as well and no creases to worry about.
  15. The LV dustbag that came with my Speedy 25 fits her perfectly without putting a crease in her.