I feel sorry for turning down the birkin offer from SA

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  1. I feel very very sorry. she is a very nice SA and I purchased 2 birkin from her last 2 yr and she email me in a regular basis if she get any birkin available..

    so far she offered me 5 birkin this yr, brown, BJ, 2 tone black, 2 tone BJ, green.. and I turned them down because I just purchased my vachetta/ denim birkin at Jan and I cannot afford another one and they are not my first choice. I want a black!

    but i feel veyr sorry for doing that.. and worry she might not offer me anymore..
  2. Oh, you are such a sweetheart for worrying. I am sure if you explained the situation to her she would understand, seeing as how you are already a valued cutomer.

    I hope you feel better, and don't let this eat away at you. You had to do what was best for yourself.:flowers:
  3. WOW where is your SA?!! Don't worry I'm sure she understands if they are not the right bags for you. Anyway you are moving right? So she will then ship to you in future?
  4. she is actually from Australia ( we dont have H store in NZ) and I am moving to Australia. so I told her I will visit her sometimes.. We never meet each other before.. I met her on the phone around 2 yrs ago.. haha
  5. Chloe, if the bags don't make your heart sing then don't feel bad for turning them down. :smile:
  6. ChloeSS...you did the right thing...never jeopardize your financial status just to make your SA happy...ChloeSS takes care of CHloeSS first...she will make the right decision for her at the right time without any outside influence!

    Now that's class and confidence that no H can buy!
  7. What a wonderful SA you have. The fact that you've purchased from her before is evidence that you are a good customer.
  8. WOW! What a great SA you have.

    Which store is your SA from?

    I was at the Melbourne store in Nov 07 looking for a birkin and was told that the waiting list was closed and may open up in July 08. I called a month ago to see if I could be placed on the list but the SM was not helpful saying that the lists were full as there were a backlog of orders.
  9. Your SA sounds really nice. If the timing is not right, it's just not meant to be. Just maintain good relations with her and I am sure it will all work out.
  10. i am actually very looking forward for a black birkin.. but seems it is never available to me..
  11. Good luck in your search!
  12. If she's anything like my SA she won't think anything badly of you because even Hermes staff are well aware their bags are pricey and you shouldn't feel you have to buy a bag you feel lukewarm about