I feel sooooooo bad

  1. I had the bright idea to groom my baby Princess yesterday and I cut her with the clippers:crybaby::crybaby:I feel like the worst "mother" on planet earth! Its just a small cut that didnt even really bleed, but still!! I called the vet, she said just keep an eye on it-and that I didnt need to take her in unless it looked like its not healing well, or it gets infected. Shes playing as usual, and it isnt bothering her at all. But damn, I feel horrible:sad:. Moral of the story...dont groom your dog(unless you are seriously capable) no matter how short you are on time!:push:
  2. Awww poor Princess! I'm sure she'll forgive you after a bit of extra TLC though :heart:
  3. So sorry to hear about this. I am deathly afraid of grooming my dog because she does not sit still. I'm sure that you feel terrible, but it sounds like it will be okay.
  4. I know how you feel..I was clipping my cat's nails and I cut one of his nails too short..and it bled quite a bit! I had to hold him in my lap and add pressure to it with a paper towel..luckily it stopped after a while..he didn't seem to be affected by it much either.
  5. aww!! well it sounds like she'll be just fine...

    My friend was cutting up treats one time for his puppy. The puppy climbed up to try and grab the treat and my friend snipped his tongue!!!! :hysteric: The puppy's fine but it's funny now because his tongue is split and looks like a snake's tongue :roflmfao:
  6. awww. your'e a good mommy, don't fret too much. especially if you didn't really break the skin. just remember how rough dogs play with each other and often will nip at each other with their very sharp teeth.
  7. I did that exact thing once, nearly 20 years ago. I still feel bad about it, but it was just an accident. I cut the poor guy so badly I had to rush him to the vet. It didn't seem to hurt him, he did even yelp when I did it, but I'll never forget feeling like the world's biggest schmuck at the time. :push:
  8. EEk! I had a similar problem when I cut my dog's nailed and clipped her below the quick. I felt SO bad, but she really didn't seem to care. I doubt princess is upset about it. :heart: i totally understand the guilt though!
  9. Thanks for the stories. You make me feel a little bit better knowing Im not the only one! A quick update, the cut is healing well-it has a scab on it and still isnt bothering her. But, Im still buying her a new toy everytime I come home from the store because I feel guilty lol:shame:. Oh, no worries...Mariah gets one too!
  10. That's too funny, a new toy everyday. What a good mom you are.
  11. awww she will forgive you..Yea my puppy wont let me groom him, but he will listen to my dad soo thats a good thing. He would go right up to my dad and lay on his back...lol Hes the best