I feel so Ripped Off!! Help Fellow Canadians!

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  1. OK, so here in Toronto (and I think in all of Canada) Holt Renfew is the only authorized Balenciaga dealer. For those of you who may not know, Holt's is an upscale department store similar to Barney's in the US.

    I bought a black first at Holt's yesterday for $1475 CND plus tax. This came out to $1696 Cnd which equals $1479 USD!!!! Oh man I could have bought a city bag in the US for that price.

    I think after seeing this price difference I may have to return it and buy it from a reputable ebay seller or just call Balenciaga in New York and ask them to ship!

    For any other canadians here where do you buy your b-bags?
  2. Wow! A City bag at Balenciaga NY costs $1195.00 plus shipping charges to you.

    I would for sure return the bag you bought and order a City from Balenciaga instead.

    Why was your bag so much? How much is a City from Holt's?
  3. Thats just what they retail for here. The City was $1695 at Holts.

    I just called Balenciaga in New York, I dont have to pay tax, so I'm returning both bags I bought at Holt's yesterday and I'm going to buy a black First and an ink City from them instead.

    I am so going to do that from now on, what a rip it is to buy them here.
  4. Good for you! I would do the same. I ordered my Ink City from them and it came in a few weeks ago. Wonderful transaction! Excellent packing and shipping!

    I'd love the see pictures when you get them!
  5. Good! I'm glad you got it all sorted out! Getting straight from the NY store is a great way to go!
  6. Wow - definitely return it and order directly from NY!!
  7. I live in Calgary and I've bought 3 b-bags now from the US (one from a PF member) I've found it's much cheaper.

    Because Holt's is the only store authorized to sell most high end goods in Canada, they charge a lot more.

    PLUS, they bought those bags last year and the dollar wasn't 85 CND cents to 1 USD then.

    Still a total ripoff, I agree.
  8. holy moly...my Work bag only cost me $1275 usd. :weird:
  9. The service is great when it comes to phone orders in New York.
  10. i can relate!!!! i had a first in black (my current dream bag) in my hands last time i was in toronto, but had to let it go b/c of the price! 995 USD (no tax) vs. 1395 CDN (or about) + 15% tax...stupid. and aloha rag doesn't charge shipping on bbags and they mark the value down for customs. so, aloha rag is sold out of black and i have to wait til june, but its worth it for that much $! and with the $ being so strong...why would i buy in canada? so sad...
  11. I noticed the same thing at Holt Renfrew at Yorkdale. Their b-bags were really expensive, and I wasn't sure if it was because of tax or something. We go to Toronto once a month or so because my in-laws are from there, and Balenciaga is the only thing I have noticed that is WAY overpriced there.
  12. living out of the US is really hard for shipping etc... but i totally agree - go through Balenciaga NY or Aloha Rag... I like Aloha Rag because they offer free shipping!!! :smile:
  13. I agree that it's extremely expensive to buy from Holt's. It's the only local high end store, so I guess that's what happens.

    One thing to keep in mind when ordering from the U.S. (or anywhere outside of Canada, really) is that you will have to pay duty, gst, etc. when you receive the item. That can add several hundred dollars to the price. I've found that sometimes it works out to be about the same as buying from Holt's. (Not always, though.)
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  15. How much does BalNY charge for international shipping? Is it still at $70?