I feel so relieved!


A beautiful freak
Dec 15, 2008
I have let go quite a few of my babies lately, due to a few personal circumstances. My signature is much lighter than it was a month ago, that's for sure.

Firmly staying is my oak Mitzy....that is the only one I am really bothered about at this point. Even my emerald Mabel hobo isn't safe! :nuts:

It just really came down to me realising that I was buying to get some strange satisfaction that never came. Though I loved every one and thought carefully about each purchase, I was too impulsive and was always looking for my next bag.

Getting rid of them was easier than I thought, it was like pulling a plaster off.

My fuschia Mabel is still in the shop waiting for someone to come in a fall in love, so it she is not definitely gone yet. I am taking my Somerset shoulder down to the shop tomorrow to sit next to Mabel, so we'll see. This will leave me with only a few bags, but I feel kind of relieved in a way. I have my two Pliage bags, which with this summer we are having are getting more use than any of my other bags.

I still plan to lurk here and drool at everyone else's purchases, just none of my own for a while until I realise (and find) my HG bag.


Saor Alba
Jan 3, 2009
Glasgow, Scotland
I've realised lately that it's the buzz of buying I get the the thrill from sometimes and not the bag itself. It's dangerous.

I'm in need of a serious think too


Jan 30, 2008
Melbourne, Australia
Good plan, Lady C. I love the idea of only having a few bags but those that you keep are the ones you really really love. I hope you find your HG bag.


Jan 24, 2007
Lady C that sounds such a great place to be. I've just got to stop buying. Fortunatley no Mulberries are calling to me at the moment and if I can restrict my time on here hopefully i can limit the temptation!


Jan 6, 2009
Good for you - I am impressed (absolutely something I should consider, too!) - I have sold a few myself lately, but ended up buying more than I sold..how did that happen?


Well done Lady C. I was in the same place, it was the buying not the having that pleased me and as soon as I had bought a bag I was looking for the next. Now I am over that and feel so much better. it has only been a month since my last purchase and since then I have sold one bag and have 2 more boxed up and ready to sell (although I'm waiting until September). I would love to get down to a more sensible number. Luckily there is nothing I want at the moment.


Mar 5, 2009
Well done, Lady C, and I must say it impresses me too. I almost get a panicky feeling when hearing someone is selling their beautiful bags.. But I understand what you mean. In a way it's better to have a few bags that gets plenty of use.. (and no 'guilty' feeling about not using all that much)

Well, guess we all started there.. but things easily escalate.. I've been buying too many lately, and have had the feeling that I just HAVE to get it, not wanting or willing to wait. But sometimes it's about finding a bag that you think you won't come across later.. However, now I start feeling enough is enough for a while. At least after getting my two pre-ordered autumn bags, the Phoebe that's on layaway,... and maybe the leopard bays clutch too.. (if I get some birthday money towards it). Otherwise I'm afraid the pleasure of getting a new bag will not be the same, and they won't get enough use (not to mentioned the devastating effect on my economy).
Jan 24, 2009
South Cheshire
I think there are alot of us who can identify with you Lady C. I said in a thread earlier today that I am going to restrict myself to two buys a year, Birthday and Christmas. It is definitely the chase and the buying of the bag that gives the desired effect and then we're off again. Suppose it's a bit like a drug habit in that respect. Well done for being so positive. I hope some of it rubs off on us other like minded souls. Perhaps we should log in daily and say Hi, my name is.... and it's been x days since I bought a Mulberry!


Sexy Lexy .
Sep 30, 2008
Windsor Berkshire
tomorrow new bag is going to be last spend and i really do need to have a sort out . thing that worries me is if i let bags go and because some of mine are totally diffrent ones, i am worried i will regrt in the future.

maybe i should look at the staples that i hope will always be around but even that worries me a bit :thinking::wondering:confused1:


A beautiful freak
Dec 15, 2008
I just know I am not the kind of person to require so many bags. I am the opposite of glamorous and the Mitzy hobo suits me and my lifestyle so well. I just had too many bags and I never used most of them.

Took chocolate Seth out today and it is such a practical bag that it is staying as well.


Jun 25, 2009
Well done on being tough enough to downsize! I'm currently going through the weeding process - it's not hard when you set your mind to it. Sometimes less is more, as they say! :biggrin: