I feel so GUILTY!


Sep 22, 2006
There I was in the thread about purchases other than Tano we've made saying that I became obsessed with a brand and didn't stray much. Well, I strayed! But it was only an accessory, if that makes it any better, and it coordinates beautifully with my Nanny.

And the detailing is amazing:

It is a Lucky Brand wristlet that I intend to use for theme parks and the zoo on our vacation later this week. But I feel so bad that I might just hit the order button on a grape Nanny tonight!


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Feb 23, 2008
Northern California/Central Valley
Oh Hautemama, we all stray a bit. I am constantly scoping out other bags and don't feel guilty because I will always be loyal to Tano. I love looking at Rebecca Minkoff, Coach, Treesje, HH and am contemplating on at some point buying a Gucci. Plus if I see an interesting purse when I am out and about I totally check it out. I've tried on some of the Lucky purses and they are cute. I tried on the bag that looks like the Boogie, but ultimately stuck with the Boogie bc 1) it was too small, 2) it was made of that sueded finish leather that gets grimy too quickly. I'm not sure if monogamy with purses is possible. Cute coin purse, it goes well with FN!
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Feb 26, 2008
Oh it's quite alright!!! We all stray! I have 2-3 times as much Coach as I do Tano and I continue to purchase Coach... although not as many bags because I love my collection where it's at! Your wristlet is so cute and looks great with your Tano!