I feel so guilty!

  1. I have so many bags that I don't use and I'm thinking I should sell them, but I have such a hard time letting go. I think I am really PMS'ing and I get really depressed, so maybe I should not decide now. I wish I could have someone come into my home and say..."you don't need this...you don't need this" and so on. :crybaby:
  2. I think everyone goes through that now and then. I finally took it to the extreme and I now ONLY have 1 bag!!! LOL....I like to have 1 bag that I love and use it everyday. The guilt is now gone but I do miss a lot of my bags!!! I'm just going to buy a new one every PCE.
  3. Hmmm That is no fun :tdown: Maybe post some pics of your collection here and let us know what you like/use the most and we can help you. :tup: Don't rush into anthing because you don't want to regret it. I am like mom2boyz though, I like to have a couple of bags.. I don't switch a lot and I usually really love one bag, and I can only carry one at a time :p and am a SAHM so I like it that way. :yes:
  4. I feel the same way. I'm like well I won't stop buying bags anytime soon and I'm only 24. How am I going to handle it down the road. I can't imagine parting with my bags, but I think I have to come to terms with the fact that eventually I will have to sell some. :crybaby:
  5. I think you should wait till after Aunt flo is visiting..LOL..before making any decisions. Once you do maybe you could start with the less used bag and go from there. Or separate in catagories new/old, fav/not so fav, like to look at but not carry...IDK...hope that helped a little!:smile:
  6. I tend to use a bag for a while when I get a new one. I will use it until I get another or the weather changes.
    I find i'm more of a weather changing bag person that one that matches with out fit.

    I'm sure for the most part its because i'm a sahm so i'm not out and about every day. Now when I was working ( not into desiigner bags) I changed my bags a lot.
    Wow that is amazing I wish I could be like that.
  7. Keeping mind while pms'ing done do anything over the time, you're emotional and might be upset with yourself later. :sad:
  8. HI, I know EXACTLY how you feel, I got out all my bags yesterday and was like what the heck am I doing with this many bags and still want more. When I go though my closet to let some go I get sick and can not decide which or what to sell... it is TERRIBLE!!! I do have a lot of guilt and think/talk to myself a lot and say... why dont you just have a few bags that you adore and you them a lot instead of wasting $$$ and letting bags just stay stored in their dust bags... CRAZY!!! I dont know how to stop this maddness but I could HONESTLY buy 50 bags a day if I had the $$$. NEED HELP...lol :smile:
    The worst part is... I have about 4-6 bags on my wish list right now, GEEEZZZZZZZZZZ!!!
  9. I'm feeling the same way right now! PMS is not fun for me (or for anyone) at all. It's seems to be worse now after having a kid 2 years ago! Anyway, I feel depressed that I've purchased all these bags, "wasted money", and don't even use all of them. However, once the PMS has passed, I feel differently. It's such a fleeting feeling for me. The bags add to my outfits every day and help make me feel even more fabulous. It's amazing what a nice outfit, some mascara, and a cute bag will do for me on any given day. It really lifts my spirits when I need a boost!
  10. Wow! I only have a few Coach bags, but I want to be you when I grow up! I would LOVE to be someone who only carries one bag. Seriously, that's the route I'm working toward...

    I feel the same way when I have too many bags. It just overwhelms me.

    I'm going to go in my closet and see which bag I can carry every day!:tup:
  11. You are not alone!!! I have a ton of bags, lots of different brands, styles and colors. I do have occassional 'Guilt phases', but I love them all! I take care of them and use a lot of them, just not very often. For that reason, I 'try' not to buy overly trendy bags so they will be wearable for years to come. I only donate or sell a bag when I really don't like a bag anymore or my closet runs out of room (trust me i've gotten really good a sqeezing more in!). I'm lucky enough to afford the bags I have. It's really quite fun to go out somewhere and have lots of bag choices. They also always fit!

    Maybe after some time passes (no rash decisions :nuts:), decide if there are a few bags you really don't like/wear any more and sell or donate those bags. That helps lessen the guilt! Just don't get rid of bags you like, occassionally wear and can afford, just because you have a lot! Think of it as a 'treasured collection'! Good Luck!
  12. Thank you! Fortunately I don't HAVE to sell them. I am very thankful for that!!:yes:
  13. I always have the guilt feeling when I purchase a bag "behind my husband's back" i.e he just bought me a bag for my birthday and I go out and buy another one that I just HAD to have hehehe. But yeah, I think everyone goes through that. :angel:
  14. This happens to me, and I do not even have a lot of purses. Once I pay, or someone else does, and I have admired it for a while, I get a little sad. I start thinking that maybe I could of used it to pay other things, but you know what I love them no matter what. So I can understand letting go, especially since people regret selling them sometimes. I think it was mommyville that ended up rebuying a purse she sold, I think it was the ERGO. Just remember you will not get back your money. I know I am not helping but I am the worse at getting rid of things.
  15. Its hard, like you I wish I could do that but the genimi in me wont let it happen. I think i'm just a shopoholic. I have had a fetish for bags since I was in grade 4.I only wish my want wasnt costly bags, cheap bags I woudlnt feel so guilty about.