I feel so guilty......

  1. Okay, is it just me, or does anyone else have this problem.......

    I have lots of really nice handbags, different brands, styles etc....

    I used to switch back and forth quite often, depending on my mood, outfit, or where I was going. Ever since I discovered Balenciaga (I only have 2 so far...a black city and a white city) I have found that I am mostly using them and my other bags are being neglected!

    Today I switched from my white city to another bag and the whole time I was wearing the "other" bag I couldn't wait to switch back to my white city. Some of my other bags are gifts from my husband and my daughters and I feel terribly guilty that I am not using them like I used to. :sad:
  2. I definitely know what you mean!!

    My DH bought me a rouge paddy for Christmas and after my first bbag, I just couldn't bring myself to carry it. :push:

    Finally, after much cajoling I persuaded him to let me "trade" it for a Rouille City (that I use constantly!!).

    Try not to feel guilty carrying what suits you best :heart:
  3. Yeah don't feel guilty you've found what you love the most.Just like when people focus on one thing like a certain brand of shoes.I'm like that with LV.I venture out but I always come back.
  4. haha...me too! before today the only balenciaga bag i had was my black twiggy. and even though it's summer, i've been trying to work that black bag into every freakin outfit!
  5. It's not just you. I have a small fortune in designer bags that are being completely ignored because all I carry are my BBags.

    I am hoping that my BBag fever will "wear off" eventually and I will start rotating other bags in again. We'll see.......
  6. LOL, I ended up selling off most of my non-bbags to convert to more bbags :shame:

    But the upside is that I am so "bag happy" right now!!
  7. Ever since I fell in love head over heels with Balenciaga(both clothes and bags) in 2002, I've been carrying Bbags almost exclusively(I have a few Marc Jacobs, Bottega, and Jas M.B.bags).....and yeah, I feel bad that I'm not using my *other bags*, but they just aren't as light and practical.

    Every time I carry a non Bbag, all I can think about is how heavy it is(I've got a permanent back problem:push:smile:, and how the leather feels totally different(don't get me wrong, I love lamb skin as well, but just not as much as goat:p).......
  8. Just let them buy you bbags to replace all your others and you won't have a problem. ;)
  9. I am the same way
  10. I'm guilty of selling past purse gifts from my DH to fund my love for bbags...but the thing is he is glad that I am selling my unused purses whether he got it for me or not! And since I use the funds towards other bags, i still see it as him gifting me with the means to another bag that I love more.
  11. Don't feel guilty- I think most of us (including me:yes:) have experienced this!:heart: Just sell the non- BBags you don't have any emotional attachment to and don't feel guilty.:nogood: I am really happy to have found a brand I truly love and so should you!:yahoo::drinkup:
  12. Awww, well, what can you do? There's just something special about Balenciaga's, I'm convinced ;)

    I only have 1 non-Balenciaga bag and I love it, but I don't use it nearly as much as my bbags. The only reason it does get used is b/c it's gray and if for some reason one of my bbags doesn't go with my outfit, the gray usually does. This is the reason why I seem to stay away from black bbags.. b/c if I had one I KNOW my gray AC tote would get neglected.

    Sorry, I sort of got carried away with my story lol.. I agree with others, just sell your non-bbags. I'm sure your husband and daughters would much rather you use something you love :yes:
  13. I'm so with the other ladies on this one... no guilt...just love what you love. Besides, your daughters and husband just want you to enjoy whatever it is that you love. Their attachment is to you and not your bag(s). I'm sure their satisfaction comes from seeing you happy.:smile: If it's with a bbag...so be it;)
  14. ^^^ Well said Blessings!!
  15. haha! me too! I'm a newbie to Bbags but since I got my greige twiggy and my cafe Pt, thats all I've been using! and I still want more!