I feel so foolish...boxcalf problem

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  1. I do feel foolish....I bought a Boxcalf Kelly on eBay a few weeks ago and it had several scratches so I used Meltonian Neutral Creme Polish on it and the color lightened in certain areas.
    Embarrassed me:shame: (and I am very familiar with Boxcalf since I have a Black Box Bolide which is at the spa right now...I never use anything on it) sent the Kelly to NYC for a spa treatment and oh boy I got a yelling from the leather dept. saying that they don't know for sure if they can darken/fix the light areas.:shrugs: I remember a few of you mentioning that you use Meltonian Neutral Creme Polish on your Boxcalf...what did I do wrong??:cursing:

    Do you think Paris can do anything to remedy the Kelly? What do you do if it doesn't turn out perfect?
    I hate to discard a beautiful Kelly!
  2. I am so sorry it turned out that way! You sound exactly like something I would have done :shame: and then gone :hysteric:. I have the same "restless" hands...
    Lets just hope Hermes will fix it eventually. You keep talking to them in "crying" voice and I'm sure their hearts will melt and their specialists' heart will melt.
    I keep my fingers crossed for you. If there is a will, there is a way! :flowers:
  3. I never have used the Neutral creme on box calf but I did use it once on a Gucci bag and when I rubbed a little too hard, yes, the color started coming off. It was beige color.
  4. I've used Meltonian Neutral Cream on mine without a problem but I use it sparingly and very lightly. Put a dab on my cloth, smooth it over the needy area and wipe lightly with a flannel. If I need to clean the corners, I'll use Black Meltonian Polish and buff it with a soft shoe brush as the last step.

    LH.......I think they'll be able to repair it...I really do. Maybe not to perfection but dang close!!!!
  5. Yikes! I hope they manage to fix it. I have a jar and too have read about people having great experiences with using Meltonian on box but I'm too chicken to try :sweatdrop:
  6. Sounds like the wax has risen to the surface. This happens when you use it excessively and more than twice a year. I had it happen with another bag years ago when I did just that, overuse it.
  7. Wow! I'm shocked! I use Meltonian all the time and have never had a problem even on vintage bags! I am wondering if your bag was touched up prior to the sale. I'm not a brave as S'Mom and stick to a soft cloth and fear the brush!
  8. If misery enjoys company, I bought a vintage box kelly and I did a terrific job conditioning the outside but never conditioned the inside (whoops). One day when I put my stuff inside the lining was so dry it ripped. Really ripped. The bag was shipped to France and I am waiting for the estimate.....if it is not beyond repair. Yes, I got yelled at too. Again I am really sorry.
  9. That's what I thought, too.

    And I think it's ridiculous that H can't recolor a black box bag. ???? Where's the *this will last for generations* spirit gone to?
  10. Guys, of course they yell at you. They want CONTROL over you :smile: Encore, the lining would have ripped it they did it as well. Dry is dry and you can't change it. Sadly, the cost for a vintage bag relining just may not be worth it. If that is the case, I would take it back and go to a shoemaker.

  11. The other thing is, that at this price point, the dye is really in the leather. It isn't like a cheap bag where the color rubs off on your clothes! I also agree, that in theory they could recolor the bag, but I think the problem is that a second dye job doesn't always look right. It has to be done very carefully.
  12. If the dye is really in the leather, why did it rub off on your cleaning cloth? [Not picking an argument with you here, gracekelly, I'm just a little disappointed with a few H items lately.]
  13. Thank you Gracekelly. The bag is old (cost 1500.) with one of the original lock/key sets (small brass lock no indentations) that is why I bought it. I will take your advice and not invest too much. The outside looks and feels supple.
  14. HBird, Not sure I understand you. I have had no problems. Are you referring to the other tPFers? So far, I've been lucky and no disappointments or bad dye jobs:flowers:
  15. I am thinking really hard rubbing to get scratches out could affect the dye?