I feel so disgusted

  1. With myself!! I finally weighed myself and I weigh 213 lbs!!!:crybaby: I'm 5'6... Where do I start what do I do???? Ugh I am so irritated!! I can not believe I let myself go! Please someone help in pointing me to the right direction!
  2. what are your habits?
    Are you active at all - do you walk or anything?
    What's your diet like?

    If you want to try adn do this on your own, best to cut out the few foods you KNOW are contributing, like all fried foods and sugars and white flour products {white bread, pasta, etc. . . .}
    and you HAVE to get moving. If you just walk briskly for 30 minutes/day and cut some of the higher calorie/no nutritional value foods you could drop weight quickly.

    If you know you need more help, I'd sign up w/ Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers:yes:
  3. Oh, I feel for you. I am scared of scales! I judge how I feel personally and clothes fit. But, I am in the same boat. I need to start going to the gym again- walking the dog a mile a day and sitting at a desk 10-12 hours per day is not cutting it.

    Swanky has some really good advice- get rid of obvious junk in the house. I tried Weight Watchers once and had no success at all-I lost 5 pounds in three months. But, it worked for my parents, but they stopped counting points and gained all of it back, plus more.

    (side note- your thread has motivated me to get back to the gym and do at least 60 minutes of cardio per day, five times per week. I want to start tonight!)
  4. Listen...

    I weigh 227 lbs. I have seen a nutritionist (I highly suggest you do the same thing.)

    I have diabetes in my family but have luckily avoided it. SO FAR. The older you get, the harder it is to fight it off.

    What worked for me in the past (and what I have been back to recently) is eating frequently. Something small, something HEALTHY (protein, fiber, no more processed ANYTHING)...this is where a nutritionist will come in to play. Make an appointment today. You have to do it right.

    Get some good tennis shoes and get out. Start walking. If you can, go to the gym. WITH A FRIEND. You will motivate each other and push each other to do better.

    This won't happen overnight. You will struggle, you may get bored with your diet (this was what happened to me) so mix it up a little and PLAN your meals ahead of time. Again, your nutritionist will help here.

    Good luck! And please DON'T GIVE UP!!!
  5. ^^^ a nutritionist is a good idea, if you have the money. A friend of mine recently had a baby- well, he's 6-7 months now- and she went to one for help b/c she was overweight before the baby and now, it is not budging. She found out that she was not actually eating enough per day and what she was eating was junky food, so that was causing her to hold on to even more weight.
  6. I suggest starting to count calories. There are websites that you can join where you track your daily intake and it tells you if you're eating enough proteins/fat/etc. They generally have huge databases of groceries, so all you need to do is weigh everything you put in your mouth and the site will calculate the cals for you. Also, if you exercise (which you should) it'll take that into calculation as well. good luck! :flowers:
  7. You guys are awesome thanks a bunch!!
  8. I can understand so well how you feel. I'm 5'5" and always said I'd never go over 200. Well, when you eat emotionally and are sedentary, it happened. Going on anti-depressants made it even harder--seemed like 10# went on instantly.

    Everyone gave good advice. If you have any inkling of a health issue, see your doctor first, but just cutting back on the foods (you know which ones they are) that contribute to the problem is a start. and starting small with more activity to get your stamina up ( and exercise will raise you metabolism to burn more calories) should help get you started.

    Best wishes!!
  9. Have you ever tried an organized program? I recently joined Weight Watchers and am really enjoying it. They have an online program if you cannot make the meetings. I go to meetings though because I like having to be accountable to the scale and the person weighing me every week.

    Just focus on feeling better and know that it is a marathon, not a sprint. Every good food and activity choice is a win.

    And BIG HUGS TO YOU! I have struggled my entire life with body issues and weight gain and it is never too late to get healthy and start feeling more in control.

    edit to add: Although I am "doing" WW, I pretty much just focus on choosing the foods I already know are good for me and portion-control for those which are not good for me. I have never counted points. And I do think the meetings are awesome for getting support with your journey and being with people in the same boat as you.
  10. damienmomma, hugs to you :smile: Others have given you great advice. Watch your food and exercise, exercise, exercise and you will see the difference! I've experienced this myself. I am a petite girl, 5"2 - 98lbs. I am not always like this. There was a time several years ago when I was 132lbs, it was my heaviest, pretty huge for my petite frame I must say. So, I know what it's like to feel disgusted with yourself. I can't wear anything but track suits/fleece pants at that time, no jeans at all. I was so chubby I hated getting my pic taken coz I looked so round it was disgusting. I didn't feel attractive at all, and I hate that feeling! Then I took action to start watching what I eat and start exercising everyday. I lost 22lbs in 2 months, and has since then toned down to 105, 102, 99, and now 98lbs. I've been keeping this weight for more than 6 months now and I intend to keep it forever. I'm going to the gym for at least 5 days a week and has never felt so great. I actually miss working out if I don't do it for more than 1 day, seriously. Don't forget, exercising speeds up your metabolism as well. So, start exercising even for a lil bit. Make yourself sweat everyday and soon you'll get this into a habit and you'll feel bad if you don't exercise. And watch what you eat, like others pointed out before.

    Which do you prefer, working out by yourself or at the gym? You have many options if you go to the gym, and there are other ppl too which can be great. Might meet some ppl who are in the same boat there and it will be a comfort as well as motivation for you.
  11. Everyone's given great advice! I have found, if you have someone to diet with, you'll stick to it better and that makes it easier.

    I can't get out and excersise (I'm in a wheelchair) like most folks, so for me it's watching what I eat. First I stopped all fried foods, stopped all red meats, all processed foods, ate dried fruits instead of candy, drank tea or water instead of soda (EMPTY CALORIES!) and also quit drinking alcohol. (Again, EMPTY CALORIES!) And stopped salting everything, or used low or no salt seasonings. (Too much sodium makes you not only more hungry, but you retain water too.)

    We also bought a dehydrator and learned how to dehydrate fruits and veggies for snacks.

    Also started reading labels for facts on how many grams of fat, how much sugars are added, etc.

    With my DH, it's not what he eats, it's how MUCH he eats. And HOW he eats it. He was a Marine when he was younger and they only gave you like five minutes to eat your meals. So he gobbles his food as if someone is going to take it away from him. His belly never gets the opportunity to tell his brain he's full. I make him put his fork down between bites, enter into the dinner conversation instead of just listening to me yak, really TASTE the food. (Problem is, we only have one meal together during the week, dinner, and he's a BIG snacker now that we can afford snacks. I do make him brig me the bag of chips or box of crackers he wants and I only allow him a human sized portion. Like most people who eat too much, if he eats out of the container it came in, he'll eat it all until it's gone. So I dole it out.

    As was said, this is a long term goal, so don't try to lose too much too soon. Focus on the cool new clothes you can buy, the compliments folks are going to give you, how much better you'll feel.

    I also have found that many younger gals have no idea how to cook other than to stick something in the microwave. While microwave food is quick and conveniant, it's got a ton of stuff in it you don't need. I grew up learning how to make soups, breads, etc from scratch, so I knew what went into each dish. Last time I went on a diet, I found I ate less, the more work I put into making the meal. I learned how to make won ton soup, and just making the won tons from scratch and cutting up veggies and chicken, putting it all together gave me a certain pride feeling. My family loved it.

    Also, we bought a steamer/rice cooker. I tell you, the best 30 bucks I ever spent. Steamed veggies not only taste better, but they also are better for you. Most steamers also come with a rice bowl insert, so you can buy regular rice instead of minute type rice which contains a lot of sugars.

    Another thing to think about, if you count calories properly, you'll find out there's a LOT of foods you can eat lots of, or you can have a treat once in awhile. One gal I knew lost almost 240 pounds and she did it by strictly dieting, but once a week she allowed herself to splurge on a Burger King meal, complete with fries. So yes, rewarding yourslef occasionally is a wonderful idea.

    One more thing, we as a species are chronicaly dehydrated, and that makes us feel hungry all the time. So, next time you feel like reaching for foods, drink a glass of cold water instead and wait ten minutes. You'll eat less.

    If you feel you're going to cheat, call your suport system buddy. If you DO cheat though, don't give up!

    Good luck!
  12. If Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig don't work for you (too expensive, hate meetings, hate buying their food), I would also recommend Richard Simmons' FoodMover. That's how I lost my weight (225 pounds!). Click on the links in my sig for more details, before and after, etc.
  13. An update for me to share with you...

    We went shopping this weekend and got all new food.

    Snacks are peanuts (140 cal a serving), beef jerky (46 cal a piece), yogurt (45 cal a serving).

    Breakfast is oatmeal (140 cal or 200 cal per serving, depending on the flavor).

    Lunch is turkey slices (45 cal a serving) and we found a great bread (sarah lee) that is 45 cal (I think) a slice...most bread is 90 cal a slice.

    You just have to look at the labels. Chips are being replaced by carrots, and potatoes are being replaced with a salad.

    Just little things, but that is the best place to start!
  14. Sunny,

    GREAT! Sounds like a plan! I wish you lots and lots of luck and a new skinnyer you!
  15. Here is an inspiring story....

    I went to university with this incredibly creative girl... she was really big, like morbidly obese.... despite this... she still had the most beautiful face and was the kindest person.

    I had not seen her for one year / maybe two and caught up with her for the first time two weeks ago. She had lost 80kg (176 pounds!!) !!!!! She still has curves but my goodness - what a change. She did it by herself simply by eating well and doing loads of walking.

    Start small - start moving - it will happen when you want it to!!