I feel so complete, for now...(pics inside)

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  1. My Rouge VIF Box arrived today and I was not expecting to love her this much. She is stunning! I've never had such a bright bag before, but I adore it! I took pics of her by herself and then a family shot, but my camera had some kind of freak-out and only two pics uploaded. So I'll post my family shot here and the other pic is the contents of my bag, I'll post that one in the appropriate thread.

    I just feel so complete right now........


    06 Rouge VIF Box, 05 Origan Mini Twiggy, 05 Navy Bleu Coin Purse, 05 Caramel Purse, 05 Black Purse.
  2. It's such a great color. That's the first rouge VIF in the box style that I've seen. Very cute! Your other BBags are gorgeous as well. Congratulations!
  3. OMG! This is such a beautiful collection. Congrats and I wish one day I will have a family like this :smile:
  4. Your new Box is drool-worthy.:drool:

    I:heart: your black and caramel Purses.
  5. the leather on your new box looks soo yummy!!!! Love your collection, congrats!!
  6. Beautiful and bright, such a lovely collection. :drinkup: Congrats!
  7. yippy, i love your rouge box LoriB, congrats on finding b-bag zen :tender:
  8. Beautiful :love:
  9. it's so pretty! congrats!
  10. Hubby asked me what kind of bag it was. I said it was a box. He said "Did you see the Saturday Night Live skit called "Dick in a Box"?

    Okay, those of you who know what I am talking about, raise your hand.....
  11. Congrats!! I love the box style and the color is so gorgeous. Love the whole family!!!
  12. congrats! you must feel relieved now.. but doens't mean we stop spending money????
  13. is that one on the left bottom an 04 purse, black with pewter hardware???? I know, i am obsessed, but you all must admit....i am consistently obsessed at present...................

    YOU MUST TELL ME, IS THAT IT?????????????
  14. wow...u have a great selection of colors and the box is really TDF :smile:
  15. Congratulations.