I feel so blessed...my third LV


Jan 29, 2008
Sharing a little history of LV (found the info online,so not sure how true it is) :

"In 1896,Georges Vuitton thought to give a consistent logo for the brand so he spent several weeks to create new logo themes. And finally he choosed a traditional Japanese logo: Four-leaf flowers, quadrangular, concave rhombus quadrangular in package and the letters LV in the circle consisted the peerless Monogram combination.The company registered the logo in 1897 and registered it as its brand in 1905.

The Louis Vuitton logo, a Japanese-inspired flower motif, has been synonymous with luxury since it was first introduced in 1896. The famous monogram logo was created as a way to prevent counterfeiting of the Parisian company's designer luggage. This marks the appearance of the very first ‘designer label' as we have come to understand it in the contemporary marketplace. "