I feel so badly for these people....

  1. I asked this once before (but no one responded to me (:rant: :rant: :rant: )-- but what happens when you bid and win something like this? Do you get anything? Anyone know?
  2. I don't think the buyers get anything. The scammers just take the money and run. But then why do they offer Paypal?? Can't the scammed buyer just do a chargeback? Or maybe they get all the money first then close their PP account.

    Oh yeesh, one of the sellers stole that FAKE pleathery black bag's listing. Now I've seen everything.
  3. And watermarking your pics does not help. I saw a stolen auction with personalshoppers watermark all over it.
  4. I had a scary thought today -- maybe these auctions are not only fraudulant in the fact that they are stolen photos and people are buying them -- but maybe they just want to get the bidders personal information so they can do BAD BAD BAD things with their credit! It really scared me to think of this, and I seriously hope it is not true. I also feel bad for the bidders :sad:
  5. this totally sucks how ppl steal photos!!!

    but if you're a true blue b-bag fan - you'll smell this rotten deal a mile away!!!

    STEER CLEAR, b-bag girls!!!!
  6. maybe they just get a horrible fake? but watermarking should help, at least a little as a deterrent. those had no watermarking at all. right?
  7. i think people who think they can get a bbag for $90 don't really understand the significance of the watermarking.
  8. ^^What sort of personal information would they need to do that? Just your address and name?
  9. maybe they just don't care that it is a fake that they are buying?
  10. I don't know.. I doubt it, I'm probably just crazy and paranoid! lol.
  11. youre right winona these sellers make me sick:throwup:
  12. Oh my! This is freaky!!!
  13. OMG.... maybe they already know it's fakes that's why they don't respons to ur emails?