I feel so bad...is this too awful?

Accessory Obsessory

Mar 9, 2006
Yes, I think you did the right thing, the fact that you feel relief is always a good confirmation!:amuse:
Mabe the next time you are in you can have a laugh over it, while you buy something you really love.
But I'm not sure why you would avoid the store completely. I'm sure you'll both make it up to each other given time!:lol:


Quirky and Cool
Mar 20, 2006
ruusu said:
Hmhmhm I think you should buy it OR cancel it and never go to the store again..
:lol: :lol: :lol:

As I posted on the previous page,I called and cancelled and it was fine....and after being an excellent customer there for 4 years I cannot for the life of me see why I would avoid them after cancelling one item on "hold".

I won't ask them to "Hold "anything for a very long time,that's true...but I think they'd prefer my (or anyone's) continued business at this stage rather than be so peeved they could no longer stomach my presence:biggrin: .

And yes,it's a gorgeous shirt and I hope that someone buys it soon. It's just not that wonderful on me...

Thanks everyone for your kind support and feedback. It's nice to have somewhere to be able to ask for this kind of advice!!:idea: