I feel so bad...is this too awful?

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  1. I asked the owner/sa of one of my favourite local boutiques to keep aside a shirt for me until Saturday.I said I would buy it.

    I am having serious second thoughts about buying it and I want to cancel.

    I feel really bad that i asked him (on Tuesday) to keep it aside though.

    But it's 495 euros,so if I'm not 100% sure I shouldn't buy,right? His return policy is store credit only and I really want that money to spend on a SHIRT...and this was the only one I liked in his store.

    What to do? Should I just call and cancel?

    I am a good and regular customer there and don't want to tick him off...but then it's me who gets a 500 euro white elephant and he won't lose sleep over that,would he?

    Plus he could easily sell it anyway...what to do?:sad2:
  2. Hmmm... if you want to be able to walk in into the store with face up you should definitely call and cancel. You can say that you got some unexpected bills or that you forgot a good friend's birthday or that you like better something else, way more expensive in the same boutique and you're saving up for that. I'm sure the SA will understand. Compulsive shopping sprees happen! Good you have not taken it yet. I think you should not be ashamed to tell them to put it back on sale. I think it's part of the business. An you'd feel awful to spend all that money on something you have already regretted, don't you think so? :smile:
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  3. Just tell him that you are having buyers remorse before you bought it...
    It's your right :smile:
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  4. Yeah i think it would be a shame to buy it!! I would much rather go back to the store in a couple of weeks,and if it's still there and I still like it,then buy it.

    (And I wouldn't dream of just not calling...but I'm just wondering if cancelling is too dreadfully scabby a thing to do LOL.)
  5. Update...I called and cancelled....he said it's ok,but he sounded disappointed (marketing/sales trick I'm sure)....OMG I feel sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad:shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: :shame: but at the same time so relieved not to have spent the money on something not 100% perfect for me...............:shame:
  6. Don't worry he will be happy the next time you go in and drop a nice chunck of change on something else...either he would rather keep you as a client than sell you a shirt and not have you come back due to pressure. I just hope someone else buys it so you don't feel bad either...
  7. Don't worry about it. You're a regular client so he knows you'll be back in to buy something else soon. I'd gag spending €500 on a shirt that just sat in the closet.
  8. You could always stop by next week and bring him an inexpensive bouquet of flowers and a smile. Or just a smile.

    I try to stay in closer contact with people I might have angered or annoyed just because the temptation is to avoid them, when it wasn't their fault at all. And how fair is that?
  9. Well you have the right the cancel :P I do that all the time.. My mind changes opinion on crap every hour lol
  10. I wouldnt want to spend that much money for a shirt that Im not 100% satisfied with.

    Ill say, If you are a regular then there shouldn't be a problem with you cancelling. Just be honest and tell him you are having second thoughts.
  11. You should not feel bad at all. If you are in a boutique that sells such expensive merchandise, you can expect nice service. If you had actually purchased the shirt, you would be entitled to take it home, then, change your mind and return it, yes? That would have taken the shirt out of rotation, just as holding it for you did. You should not feel at all bad. But I know it is awkward to tell a seller you have changed your mind.
  12. It might feel bad, but you should call and cancel. Being honest is better.
  13. Don't feel bad, YOU'RE the customer. His voice should not have revealed disappointment, he should've reassured you it's no big deal - because it's NOT! ;)
  14. Hmhmhm I think you should buy it OR cancel it and never go to the store again..
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