I feel so bad for some people :(

  1. :sad: Ok, so the other day I was giving a test in one of my classes and I went through my whole spiel about clearing off desks and blah blah. Well there was a young lady who came in and cleared her desk off, but put her purse in her lap (which is a no-no). Now, her purse appeared to be a sig stripe coach. I asked her to do something else with the purse and she wouldn't set it on the floor. I got to looking at the bag while this was going on and noticed it just didn't look right (it appeared to be a sig stripe tote with gold matallic suade and funny little pockets on the outside and the C's were all jacked up). Since there wasn't an empty desk next to her she passed it over a row and had them put it in the chair of a desk. The bag was obviously fake and yet she made such a fuss, held up the test, and had everyone staring at her. She must have thought it was a real bag. I know not many college students can easily come by the money to spend a couple of hundred on a bag and this girl got screwed. I just hate to see stuff like that happen. Just thought I would share :sad:
  2. I know how you feel. I was at a board meeting this past week and one of the board members had a signature stripe tote that was really pretty. She noticed my bag and complimented it. Then she said "Did you get yours at a purse party too?" I was amazed that her bag came from a party and how real it looked. Then she told me it was real and the person at the party was selling them for $75.00. I didn't have the heart to tell her but I did tell her that I got mine at the Caoch store. I hate it when people think you got yours at a party. Oh well.
  3. Honestly, it astonishes me that women think the purses sold at purse parties are real. Do they not think it all the way through? Where do they think these bags come from? How do they think these people are able to get these bags for those prices?
  4. Crazy!! The sad thing is for a little more money they could actually buy a real one ... fake to real prices are way closer than say, LV.

    School is the ONLY place I will put my bags on the floor ... and mine are real haha.
  5. Great story. Funny how she takes care of her FAKE bag.
  6. Its sad...I hate how some people will just blantatly pass off a fake as real and those who dont know any better will believe it. So sad.
  7. Hopefully someone will tell her and she will know to be more careful where she buys her bags in the future. In one of my other classes the topic of fake handbags did come up when we were discussing organized crime rings in Italy, I oughta come up with a way to work it into the discussion for my theory class too. I'll have to work on that one ;)
  8. :sad: It is sad, because I remember back to my college days... I had alot of help, which I feel fornuate to have had, but I still felt like I had to skimp and save for everything additional beyond basics I felt I needed or wanted...

    It's sad no matter who you are to put hard earned money into something that you think is real, but turns out to be fake... but in college, when you have to deal with necessities like electric bills, food, gas, and going out... (Ok, some more wants than needs...) on a smaller scale budget - if you budget for little luxuries like a "Coach bag" you might not be able to make it up with a real one for quite some time.

    But... I guess this is how we learn... from our mistakes and past experiences...:yes:
  9. That's pretty sad :sad: poor girl,

    that's what happens when you try to get a well-known bag for a cheaper price . . . sometimes you get duped.
  10. Poor girl. I wish people were more educated about these things.
  11. There are some people who just doesn't know that there are counterfeit bags especially if they're just starting to get into it. It's sad that they're being fooled by these purse parties.
  12. My Mom was just telling me a story of some woman she works with was in Japan and went down a back alley with some guy and paid $200 each for 2 "Coach" bags she thinks they are real. For $400 why not get the real thing
  13. Good idea, try to educate them

  14. I may try to work it in this semester. Just hope when I do I can get through the lecture without staring at this girls bag the whole time.
    :roflmfao: The other day a girl walked in late (grrrr) with a B-Bag and I lost my train of thought and had to go back to my notes. I hope my students don't realize what the problem is or I may start getting offers of bags for grades (saying no to that would kill me :s )